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Traditional Boarding School Education Seulimum Aceh Besar (Published)

This research is a qualitative research which aims to obtain various information and actual data about people’s perceptions of traditional pesantren education development in Aceh provision, as well as to explore information and ideas of the community towards the pesantren learning system, community opinion on the policies and support of the Aceh government and big aceh to pontren-pontren in Seulimeum aceh sub-district is big, and at the same time to explore and study internal and external factors that become supporters and inhibitors in conducting guidance on traditional pesantren educational institutions. The results of the study can show that: With the assistance program for the development of pontren development carried out by the Aceh government, the pontren education institutions can reorganize the formation of pesantren education in accordance with the expectations of society, so that traditional pesantren can progress according to the demands of the times. Learning that is done in pontren and life-long education conducted in traditional pesantren, Seulimeum subdistrict, can realize the intelligence and maturity of thinking of students. The various policies and support that the Aceh government has given to pontren, this can be motivated by the community to set up huts and prayer halls. With the availability of sufficient teaching staff in the Pontrenia and the establishment of good relations between the pesantren institutions and the Aceh government and the big Aceh and the good socio-economic conditions of the students, these conditions can support the formation of traditional mentoring education. Especially with regard to the lack of available facilities for some pontren in the big Seulimeum Aceh district and the weak condition of some socio-economic santri can hamper the formation of the pontren in question.

Keywords: Community, Perception, traditional pesantren

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