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Public Service Broadcasting and the Fight against Examination Malpractice in Ebonyi State (Published)

A sample size of 360 respondents were selected. Cluster-multi-stage sampling technique was adopted. Data were collected from primary and secondary sources. Tables and simple percentages were used for data analysis and presentation and charts, while simple descriptive analysis was used to infer meaning from the data in the table for analysis. Findings show that Ebonyi Broadcast Corporation (EBBC) campaign against examination malpractice in Ebonyi State, students of Ebonyi State University Abakaliki listen to EBBC campaign against examination malpractice, respondents were aware of the war against examination malpractices in Ebonyi State. The study recommends that sound educational policy should be put in place and the supremacy of certificates over skills and professional competences should be de-emphasized. It further recommends appointment of supervisors of proven integrity who are independent of the examinations centers, as well as adequate remuneration of invigilators and supervisors for greater commitment to their job.

Citation: Nweze Samuel ;  Nwigwe, Chikaodili Nicholas;  Nwafor, Ezinne Comfort;    Ekuma, Celestina Amaka;  Akpama, Alice Mbang;  Anyachonkeya Chinwe Patience;  Nwamba,  Jane Irene (2019)  Public Service Broadcasting and the Fight against Examination Malpractice in Ebonyi State, Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.7, No.4, pp.78-93


Keywords: Broadcasting, Examination Malpractices, Public Service, against, fight

Nigerian Audiences’ Perception of Pentecostal Churches’ Ownership of Digital Satellite Television Channels (Published)

Pentecostal churches’ ownership of channels is a relatively new trend in Nigeria; apparently, it is one of the aftermaths of deregulation of broadcasting industry in the country. By the application of uses and gratifications theory; this paper investigated Nigerian audiences’ perception of Pentecostal churches’ ownership of digital satellite television channels. Survey research method was adopted for the study and a sample of 300 respondents was drawn using multi-stage sampling techniques, whereas the questionnaire served as the instrument of data collection. The work’s major finding is that the public perceives Pentecostal churches’ ownership of channels as a welcome development in Nigeria; they uphold the channels’ airing of miracles, albeit with regulations. Again, it found out that broadcasting of such religious programmes help to draw people closer to their Creator.

Keywords: Audience, Broadcasting, Channels, Media, Pentecostal Churches, Programmes

An Investigation into the Causes of Unemployment among Youths in the City Of Harare. (Published)

This paper sought to investigate the causes of high unemployment among youths in zimbabwe’s capital city, harare. This research followed a realisation that there can be no solution to the problem of high youth unemployment unless the causes of such unemployment are identified first. The study was a survey in which 180 unemployed youths were respondents as it was felt that they were better positioned to give critical primary data since they understood their situation and its causes better than anyone else. The findings indicated that the economic downturn in zimbabwe was the major contributory factor to the unemployment of youths in the city of harare. The ripple effects of economic downturn which include closure of industries and lack of foreign direct investment were blamed for the situation. theory-intensive secondary school and university curriculum, government’s misplaced priorities, corruption, nepotism, droughts, lack of specific job skills among the youths, preference of white-collar jobs, dislike of lowly paying jobs and educated youths who shun manual intensive jobs are but some of the causes singled out in this study. It is common cause that if zimbabwe is to correct the situation of high unemployment among youths, the country must attend to the causes first

Keywords: Audience, Broadcasting, Channels, Media, Pentecostal Churches, Programmes

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