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“Gawe” Factors Affecting Teachers’ Barriers to Professional Development: The Albanian case (Published)

The purpose of this study is to better comprehend the viewpoints of teachers in Durres’ pre-university schools regarding their professional development needs and the obstacles they face. The study explored three main factors that affect teachers’ barriers to professional development in Albania such as teachers’ gender, teachers’ age, and teachers’ working experience (GAWE Factors). SPSS 25 was used to evaluate the information gathered from 416 respondents via the questionnaire, in order to achieve a more thorough and professional study. The questionnaires were completed between September and October of 2022. The study gives light on the relationship between these variables and professional development obstacles and lays the foundations for further and more in-depth explorations regarding the factors and barriers that teachers face in relation to their professional development

Citation: Leka K. (2022) “Gawe” Factors Affecting Teachers’ Barriers to Professional Development: The Albanian case, European Journal of Training and Development Studies, Vol.9 No.3, pp.16-28

Keywords: Albanian, Barriers, Gawe, Professional Development, Teachers

The effect of strategic leadership on knowledge sharing in the Jordanian government schools from the teacher’s point of view (Published)

The current study aimed to identify the impact of strategic leadership on knowledge sharing in Jordanian government schools from the teachers point of view, and to achieve the goals of the study, the researcher followed the descriptive survey approach, in terms of applying the study tool, which was represented in a questionnaire consisting of (20) paragraphs, On the sample, which amounted to (356) male and female teachers from government schools in the Jerash Education Directorate, the study reached a number of results, the most important of which were: The degree of Jordanian government school principals’ possession of strategic leadership skills from the teachers ’point of view is medium, and that there are statistically significant differences to the degree of The directors of Jordanian government schools have strategic leadership skills from the teachers ’point of view due to the variable of gender and experience, and there is a statistically significant effect of strategic leadership skills on knowledge sharing from the teachers’ point of view. The study recommended a number of recommendations, the most important of which was: The administrator’s awareness about the importance of adopting a strategic management method to stimulate knowledge sharing between them and the teachers.

Keywords: Knowledge Sharing, Leadership, Strategy, Teachers

The levels of psychological burnout among teachers of the basic stage in Jordan in light of some variables (Published)

The study aimed to know the levels of psychological burnout among female teachers in the basic stage in Jordan, and the extent of the difference in these levels based on the educational qualification and the social status of female teachers, in addition to revealing the relationship between psychological burnout and each of the teaching experience and training courses for female teachers, and the sample consisted of (200) female teachers. Among the parameters of the southern region in Jordan, the researcher used the Maslash and Jackson scale of psychological combustion with its three dimensions: emotional stress, feeling dull, and lack of achievement. The results indicated that there is a low level of psychological combustion among the study sample, and that the levels of combustion differed according to the educational qualification, while there were no statistically significant differences attributable to the social situation, and the results also showed the absence of a relationship for most dimensions of combustion with teaching experience and training courses.


Keywords: Basic Stage, Burnout, Psychological, Teachers

Professional Development and Empowerment of Primary School Teachers (Published)

The rapid changes in the socio-economic environment and the consequent pressures for educational reforms make it more than necessary to empower teachers who need to redefine their teaching strategies to meet students’ differentiated needs. Related studies suggest that teachers need to feel empowered to be effective and empower students. Therefore, the empowerment of teachers is at the center of the processes for quality improvement and school upgrade. The purpose of this study is to capture the views of primary education teachers on the opportunities for professional empowerment provided in their school environment. A total of 124 primary education teachers in Ilia Prefecture who participated in the quantitative sample survey completed an electronic questionnaire based on the Teacher Empowerment Scale. The presentation and analysis of the findings show that participants in all dimensions of empowerment have moderate to high degree of agreement. Specifically, the highest average dimension is that of decision-making, while the lowest average is that of professional development.

Keywords: Decision Making, Empowerment, Participation, Professional Development, Teachers

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