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Numerical Study of Wind Pressure Loads on Low Rise Buildings under different Terrain


This is a numerical study of wind pressure loads on low rise buildings in which three different types of roofs were analyzed which are the flat, gable and circular roof at different wind speed. The numerical analysis was performed using FLUENT package based on values of k (turbulence kinetic energy) and Ԑ (dissipation rate of turbulence) based on partial differential equation. Also, flat, and shallow escarpment terrains were considered during the simulation to determine the coefficient of pressure at different wind speed for different roof types. For the shallow escarpment terrain, a flat roof was considered at different velocities and for the flat terrain, three different types of roofs are considered which are the flat, gable and circular roof. It is observed that as the wind speed increases, the coefficient of drag decreases. It also shows the effect of vortex formed at the leeward direction of the building which implies the higher the wind speed, the larger the vortex formed and the lower the building ventilation and higher the damage on the roof of the building. Based on the analysis, it is preferable to use a circular roof based on the aerodynamic characteristics of wind around building walls and roofs.

Keywords: building roofs, circular roof., flat roof, gable roof, low-rise building, shallow escarpment, terrain, wind flow, wind pressure

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