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Impact of Virtual Reality on Education (Published)

More and more in the classroom, virtual reality is being utilised to teach, explore, and help students learn more about themselves. Virtual reality (VR) has quickly become recognised as a technology that has the potential to improve educational opportunities. Numerous educational facilities have started implementing VR technology recently in an effort to increase student retention, motivation, and engagement. This review paper gives a general summary of VR’s effects on education, as well as some of its possible advantages and drawbacks. It specifically looks at VR’s beneficial effects in a range of educational contexts, such as STEM education, medical education, and language acquisition. The study also evaluates case studies of institutions and schools that have included VR into their curricula and offers suggestions for educators and politicians interested I implementing VR technology. The paper concludes by discussing future paths for VR in education and highlighting obstacles that need to be removed in order to realise this technology’s potential to revolutionise how we teach and learn. Overall, this review paper offers a thorough examination of how virtual reality (VR) is affecting education and how it might improve learning for students of all ages and educational backgrounds.

Keywords: Education, STEM education, Technology, Virtual reality, immersive learning, medical education, student engagement, student motivation, student retention

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