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Modeling and Simulation of shroud Ed Wind Turbines to work in Iraqi weather conditions (Published)

Citation: Rajaa Jarallah Abdul Rahman, and  Ahmed Khalid Ibrahim (2022) Modeling and Simulation of shroud Ed Wind Turbines to work in Iraqi weather conditions, European Journal of, Mechanical Engineering Research , Vol. 9, Issue 1, pp.1-11

This study provides an overview of renewable wind energy in Iraq and the possibility of deploying concentrated wind energy technologies to support power generation in agricultural fields. On horizontal wind turbines. The results showed that with the addition of the diffuser, the energy produced shows an increase, and the study also showed that the wind speed in Iraq reaches 8 m per second in the center and south of the country. The study presents wind energy activities in Iraq, and the Iraqi government’s attempts to use wind energy. Renewable energy in general, and wind energy in particular.

Keywords: Ed wind turbines, Iraqi, Modeling, Simulation, Weather, conditions

Design, analysis and fabrication of a fully articulated helicopter main rotor system (Published)

This study describes an integrated framework in which the basic elements of Aerospace Engineering (performance, aerodynamics and structure) and functional elements (suspension, visibility and production) are integrated and considered. In this study, a fully functional rotor system has been fabricated that can be used as one of the training resources for Aeronautical students. For making the rotor system, various parts of the system have been designed on Solidworks and complete mechanism has been simulated with ANSYS. System analysis has been done at various RPM’s and Angles of Attack (AOA). In terms of merit the right items have been selected and processed to provide them with the right shape. In terms of the design and implementation, various machines such as gas welding, arc welding, CNC milling and radial machinery have been used. Certain parts such as electric motors, linear actuators and loading cells have been used. All the fabricated components and electric motor, actuator, load cells are then assembled. This rotor system can produce less lift due to high dead weight and low power motor and having some safety issues.

Keywords: Fabrication, Simulation, appropriate material design, force calculation, rotor mechanism

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