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Petroleum project


Projects are executed for several reasons. The elements of risk and uncertainty inherent in virtually all projects explain why the project characteristics like duration, cost and quality cannot be precisely predicted. These risks, uncertainty and other factors are responsible for the delays or even abandonment of several projects for which Nigeria is notorious. Procurement of goods and services is a crucial determinant of whether or not a project will be completed. With the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company as case study, this paper examined how project completion depends on supply chain management, of which procurement is an essential subset and proxy. The study was questionnaire-driven, and the Statistical Package of the Social Sciences was used to analyse the results vide chi square test, correlation and cross-tabulation. The research found that strict adherence to SCM practices, will facilitate prompt completion of petroleum projects with its attendant benefits to the stakeholders

Keywords: Completion, Just-in-time, Nigeria, Petroleum project, Procurement, Supply chain management

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