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A Research on Making Pulses More Palatable and Useful Through Irradiation with 2-6µm Mid-Infrared Ray (Published)

Pulses are a good protein source.  However, two main issues with pulses are I) their high protein content can be problematic for renal and some cardiac disease patients and II) chemicals are added to enhance their taste, aroma and shelf life. We have overcome these issues by subjecting pulses to mid-infrared rays (mid-IR) generated from our recently invented 2-6 µm mid-IR generating atomizer (MIRGA). This technology provides a straight-forward and economically viable approach to enhance the pulses’ palatability and shelf life, along with altering their nutritive value.  This suits the diverse dietary needs of a wide demographic. The effect of mid-infrared ray on the pulses’ physicochemical attributes and shelf life are validated and described here.

Keywords: 2-6 µm mid IR, Enhancement, MIRGA, Nutrition, Palatability, irradiation, pulses, sensory attributes

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