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Nutritional Assessment of Precooked Flour Formulated From Corn (Zea Mays), Soybean (Glycine Max) and Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea) Flours Consumed In Côte D’ivoire (Published)

The purpose of this study was to enrich corn flour with soybean and peanut flour in order to formulate an enriched feed for children of weaning age. To do this, an enriched corn flour has been formulated by adding to corn flour, soybean and peanut flours. The flour thus composed was characterized physically and biochemically. Then, a growth and biometric study was conducted to evaluate the effect of enriched corn flour on young rats of Wistar strain in growing. The results of the physicochemical and biochemical study give contents in dry matter, protein, fat, ash, carbohydrate and energetic value of 89.44 ± 0.13, 17.85 ± 0.11%, 5.83 ± 1.72%, 1.85 ± 0.03 %, 62.31 ± 0.01% and 442.99 ± 0.05 Kcal / 100g respectively for enriched corn flour. The effect of compound meal on young rats gives the growth level for weight gain, feed efficiency, apparent digestibility, true digestibility, and biological value values of 2.91 ± 0.59 g / j, 0.33 ± 0.07, 86.45 ± 0.31%, 94.28 ± 0.13% 84.27 ± 0.37% respectively. At the level of the biometric study no abnormality was observed at the level of the regulating organs which are the kidneys, the liver, the heart and the spleen compared to the control diet. Nutritional assessment results showing better performance at the 5% threshold for the different nutritional parameters show that enriched corn meal could have a positive impact on children’s health and prevent the occurrence of illness such as kwashiorkor due to malnutrition. In addition, the fact that the nutritional parameters comply with the standards required shows that this food could be industrialized to facilitate its accessibility by all layers of society.

Keywords: Enriched Corn Meal, Formulation, Malnutrition, Nutritional Assessment, Peanut, soybean

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