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Risk-Based Routine Inspection Planners for Food Premises and Imported Consignments (Published)

Existing risk-based inspection plans use descriptive terms to categorize the food establishments according to their risk levels, hence inspection visits are planned. The current paper hypothesized the reliance of the number of the yearly routine inspection visits to a food establishment on its risk level and a predetermined fixed inspection confidence level of 95% , accordingly a routine inspection visits planner and an inspection frequency calculator were developed. Similarly, a calculator was developed to predetermine the number of consignments to be inspected at the ports of entry of countries. Following the use of the risk levels between 99% and 1% and according to the obtained number of yearly visits to an establishment, 12 risk groups are reported with a corresponding frequency of inspection range from as minimum as 30 days to as high as 365 days. The findings will reform the risk grouping of food establishments from a static to a dynamic figure-based one thence help allocating resource and focus on the riskiest establishments. The imported consignments planner could easily be used and adjusted to suit calculating the approximate number of consignments to be inspected at the ports of entry based on any risk category.


Keywords: Establishment, Food, consignment, inspection plan, risk level, routine inspection

Investigation of Some Nutritional Properties of Plantain (Musa Paradisiaca) Cultivars in Bayelsa State (Published)

The objective of this study is to investigate some nutritional properties of thirteen plantain (Musa paradisiaca) cultivars. Samples collected were subjected to proximate analysis expressed in percentage and mg/100g. The investigation revealed that moisture content in peels ranged from 78.74% Asinberiba to 87.33% Makomuberiba H2, the mean is 83.75%, in food, from 38.78% Okpoisan to 66.03% Ikpiriberiba average in edible portion is 58.05%. Ash in peels from 0.87% Asinberiba to 2.38% Ikpiriberiba, the mean is 1.74% , ash level in food from 0.68% Okpoisan to 1.78%  Makomuberiba H1,while the average is 1.27%. Protein in peels from 1.67% Kalabiouberiba to 4.2% Ikpiriberiba and from 2.76%  Kalabiouberiba to 6.75% Ikpiriberiba in food and their mean values are 3.04% and 5.04%. Lipid in peels varied from 0.84% Asinberiba to 2.24% Biriyereyereberiba and the mean is 1.37%, in food from 0.96% Auberiba to 2.36% Ikpiriberiba with a mean of 1.57%. Fibre in peels from 2.38% Izonberiba to 3.72% Makomuberiba (H1), the mean is 2.91%, in edible portion from 1.88 Auberiba to 3.0% Okpoisan and the average is 2.47%. Dry matter in peels from12.67% Izuberiba(Biou) to 21.26% Asinberiba, in edible portion from 33.97% Ikpiriberiba to 65.74% Auberiba, the average in peels and in edible portion are 16.28% and 44.26%. Carbohydrate in peels from 88.84% Ikpiriberiba to 92.91%  Makomuberiba H2, the mean is 85.47%, in edible portion from 87.22% Ikpiriberiba to 91.67% Kalabiouberiba with an average of 89.66%. Calcium in peels from 19.54mg/100g Izuberiba(Biou) to 28.56mg/100g Ikpiriberiba with a mean value of 23.72mg/100g, in edible portion, from 16.28mg/100g Izuberiba(Biou) to 25.80mg/100g Ikpiriberiba with a mean of 23.72mg/100g. Magnesium in peels varied from 5.53mg/100g Izuberiba(biou) to 9.2mg/100g Asinberiba with a mean of 7.62mg/100g, in edible portion from 4.5mg/100g Auberiba to5.83mg/100g with an  average of  5.04mg/100g. Sodium (Na) in peels from 9.28mg/100g Izuberiba(biou) to 14.72mg/100g and the mean is 12.12mg/100g Ikpiriberiba, in edible portion from 7.73mg/100g Izuberiba (biou) to 13.60mg/100g Ikpiriberiba with a mean of 8.82mg/100g. Potassium(K) in peels from 4.81mg/100g Izuberiba(biou) to 9.52 mg/100g Okpoisan and the mean is 7.16mg/100g, in food from 4.0mg/100g Izuberiba (biou) to 8.55mg/100g Ikpiriberiba with a mean of 8.55mg/100g.Iron (Fe) in peels from 0.57mg/100g  Auberiba to 2.23mg/100g Ikpiriberiba with a mean of 1.56mg/100g, in food from 0.63mg/100g Auberiba to 2.54mg/100g Makomuberiba(H2) and the average value of iron is 1.42mg/100g. Manganese(Mn) in peels from 0.12mg/100gIkpiriberiba to 0.56mg/100g Izonberiba and mean is 0.31mg/100g, in edible portion from 0.05mg/100g Auberiba to 0.57mg/100g Makomuberiba (H2), the average is 0.31mg/100g.Copper (Cu) in peels from 0.02mg/100g Makomuberiba (H2) to 0.22mg/100g Izonberiba, average in peels is 0.08mg/100g, in edible  portions from 0.04mg/100g Biriyereyereberiba to 0.22mg/100g Makomuberiba (H2) with  a mean of 0.13mg/100g. Zinc(Zn) in peels from 0.35mg/100g Auberiba to 1.14mg/100g Makomuberiba (H2) with an average of 0.78mg/100g, in edible portions from 0.21mg/100g Biriyereyereberiba to 1.07mg/100g and a mean of 0.64mg/100g. Phosphorus in peels from 0.17mg/100g Izuberiba (Izon) to 0.55mg/100g Makomuberiba (H1) and the mean is 0.30mg/100g, in edible portions from 0.13mg/100g Izuberiba (biou)  to 0.43mg/100g Makomuberiba(H1)  with an average of  0.23mg/100g.

Keywords: Beriba., Cultivars, Food, Musa Paradisiaca, Peels, Plantain

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