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Dioscorea Alata

Evaluation of Some Nutritional Properties of Water – Yam (Dioscorea Alata) Cultivars in Bayelsa State, Nigeria (Published)

The objective of this study is to evaluate some nutritional properties of fourteen water yam (D. alata) cultivars. Samples collected were subjected to proximate analysis expressed in percentage and mg/100g. The investigation revealed that moisture content ranged from 76.08% to 55.10% with a mean value of  63.03%,  ash from 3.54% to 0.34% and mean result  1.81%, protein  from 9.87% to 4.54%, while the mean 7.89%, lipid from 1.86% to 0.86% with an average of  1.46%, fibre  from  4.64% to 1.66% and mean 2.60%, dry matter from  44.90%  to 23..92% and mean  36.97%, carbohydrate from 88.22mg/100g to 80.71mg/100g, average value of 86.17mg/100g, calcium  from 44.56mg/100g to 16.48mg/100g  and mean  22.67mg/100g, magnesium (Mg) from 13.80mg /100g to 8.84 mg/100g and mean 10.83mg, sodium(Na) from 27.78mg/100g to 8.76mg/100g, mean value 14.07mg/100g, potassium (K) from 14.67mg/100g to 4.85mg/100g, average 8.79mg/100g, iron (Fe)  from 3.48mg/100g to 0.36 mg/100g, average 1.08mg/100g, manganese (Mn) from 0.546 mg/100g to 0.256mg/100g average 0.36mg/100g, copper (Cu) from 0.45mg/100g to 0.14mg/100g, mean value 0.25mg/100g, zinc (Zn) from 0.75mg/100g to 0.33mg/100g, average value 0.44mg/100g, and for phosphorus (P)  from 0.54mg/100g to 0.32mg/100g,  mean level 0.41mg/100g respectively of all the cultivars evaluated.  These results are unique to the individual cultivars, so the average values are only representing the number of cultivars investigated in the statistical measure.

Keywords: Cultivars, Dioscorea Alata, Food Crop Production, Nutrition, Water Yam

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