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Psycho-Socio Determinants of Undergraduates’ Dietary Habits at Babcock University (Published)

This research work was carried out among undergraduates in a higher institution in Ogun State, Nigeria. It assessed the psychosocial determinants of undergraduates’ dietary habits in a private university in Ogun State, Nigeria. The study is descriptive in nature and involved 380 participants. Data were collected with the use of pre-tested questionnaire and analysed using simple percentage and chi-square statistical tools. The result revealed no statistically significant association between participants’ age and dietary practice (χ = 8.111; p=0.425). Also, it was revealed that a statistically significant association was found between participants’ gender  (χ = 10.135, p =.038), participants’ self-esteem (χ = 29.237, p =.004) and dietary practice. It was concluded that failure to consume an adequate diet at adolescence time can result in delayed sexual maturation and can arrest or slow linear growth. Nutrition is also important during this time to help prevent adult diet-related chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and osteoporosis. It was recommended that the University meal option should be done in a way that you can use a single meal ticket to either eat breakfast, lunch or supper and location for taking meal should be increased so as to strengthen breakfast and lunch programmes.

Keywords: Dietary Habits, Private University, Psychosocial Determinant, Undergraduates

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