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African Locust beans (Parkia Biglobosa)

The Efficacy of African Locust Beans in the production of Shortbread biscuits (Published)

African Locust bean (Parkia Biglobosa) fruit pulp “Dozim” was investigated and used in producing shortbread biscuits. The study examined the possibility of combining “Dozim” and wheat flour to produce shortbread biscuits. “Dozim” currently is being used minimally in Northern parts of Ghana where it grows in abundance. The investigation was in search for local nutritious food options to address the myriad of food scarcity and acute malnutrition issues affecting rural people in the Northern part of Ghana. To explore the feasibility of producing shortbread biscuit with “Dozim”, samples of Dozim flour were sourced across the five regions of Northern Ghana where the African Locust bean tree species is pronounced. A composite “Dozim” wheat flour was produced from which the shortbread biscuit was prepared after homogenization. A random selection of 50 untrained panelists carried out the sensory evaluation of the product, which included color, texture, flavor, mouth feel and overall acceptability. Ninety percent (90 %) of the respondents liked the “Dozim” shortbread biscuit for its taste, texture, color, flavor and appearance. The research encourages caterers especially school feeding caterers in Ghana to use “Dozim” in the production of nutritious shortbread biscuits and other confectioneries to increase its use and consumption.

Keywords: African Locust beans (Parkia Biglobosa), Dozim”, school feeding program, shortbread biscuit

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