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Driving Behavior and Work Stress as Predictors of Road Traffic Accidents in Borno State, Nigeria (Published)

Road Traffic Accident is said to be the fourth leading causes of death across the world. The number of lives being lost to Road Traffic Accident on yearly bases is incredible and often detrimental to the development of a country. Road Traffic Accident in Borno state has alarmingly increased, which has necessitated the need to investigate the phenomenon in the state. Driving Behaviour has been identified as the leading factor and causes of traffic accident in among drivers, while work stress is another factor. Using cross sectional studies, the study found that Number of accidents (r= .03, M=19.3 p<.05) and age (r= .03, M=8.3 p<.05) have no significant relationship with road traffic accident in Borno State. Work Stress (r= .24, M= 8.3, p<.05) and driving behaviour (r= .49, M=8.5, p<.05) significantly predicted road traffic accident among drivers in Borno State.  It is recommended that drivers should be evaluated for psychological health problems from time to time to be sure they are psychologically fit to drive and effective driving stress management skills devised.

Keywords: Borno State, Nigeria, driving behavior, road traffic accidents, work stress

Managing Study Habits and its Impact on Secondary School Students Academic Performance in Nigeria (Published)

How a student takes his or her studies, greatly determines his/her level of academic achievements. The level of preparation and learning strategies developed and employed consciously by students, go a long way to influence their level of academic performance

Keywords: : Academic Performance, Nigeria, secondary school students, study habits

Teacher Preparation for Inclusive Education of Persons with Special Needs In Nigeria: The Challenges and Solutions (Published)

Inclusion of students with special needs education especially those who need specialized skills and technical support give more rise challenges to the training of teachers to produce quality one to handle such children in question. Special needs children, as stipulated in article 223 of the UN’s child right convention endorsed in 1989, have the right to enjoy in full, decent life in conditions which ensure dignity, promotes self-reliance and facilitate the Child active participation in inclusive educational system. This paper focuses on teacher preparation in inclusive education, the concept of inclusive, the benefits, include in-service training programmes, special teacher and inclusive education, teacher preparation and the challenges where discussed. The paper, concluded with some recommendations such as: government at all levels should make inclusive education compulsory for schools and colleges to avoid discrimination against persons with special needs, government should set up committee that will put up machineries for effective implementation of inclusive education among others.

Keywords: Challenges, Inclusive Education, Nigeria, Person With Special Needs, Sustainable, Teacher Preparation

Assertiveness Training And Cognitive Restructuring Technique On Self-Esteem Of Female Undergraduate Victims Of Relationship Violence In South-West Nigeria (Published)

This study used a pre-test-post-test, control group quasi-experimental design to investigate the effects of assertiveness training and cognitive restructuring technique on self-esteem of female undergraduate victims of relationship violence in south-west Nigeria. The sample for the study comprised of ninety female undergraduates students who have experienced relationship violence. They were screened using the Severity of Violence Against Women Scale (SVAWS) and selected through multi-stage sampling technique from three randomly selected Universities (Ibadan, Lagos and Olabisi Onobanjo) in South-west Nigeria. The participants were randomly assigned to treatment and control groups. The two treatment groups were exposed to eight-weeks training in Assertiveness and Cognitive Restructuring Training, while participants in the control group received no training. Two validated instrument: Severity of Violence Against Women Scale (SVAWS) and Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale were used. Three hypotheses were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Data was analysed using Analysis of Covariance. There was significant main effect of treatment in the pre-post self-esteem scores of female undergraduate victims of relationship violence in the experimental and control groups (F(2,87) = 43.884, P < .05). Also, there was significant difference in the main effect of age in the pre-post self-esteem scores of female undergraduate victims of relationship violence between young and older participants (F (2,87) = 16.808, P < .05). However, that there was no significant interaction effect of age in the pre-post self-esteem scores of female undergraduate victims of relationship violence in the experimental and control groups (F(3,86) = 0.188, P < .05). Therefore, psychological intervention programmes should be put in place in universities through their counselling centres to help undergraduates rediscover their potentials and develop competence to relate intelligently with others.

Keywords: Age, Assertiveness Training, Cognitive Restructuring, Nigeria, South-west, University


This study advocates the role of the mass media in creating increase consciousness, awareness, education and knowledge about environmental issues, problems and challenges in Nigeria. It asserts that man is environment –dependent, as such, there is need for man to be environment conscious. It also advocates a more precise, organized, and purposeful Media approach in creating environmental consciousness in the minds of the populace for national development and sustainability.The quantitative data analysis was employed for this work. The raw data collected from respondents were presented and analyzed using simple percentages. Purposive random sampling technique was employed to select the 50 final students of Mass Communication department in Babcock University, irrespective of their genders and ethnic backgrounds, and 50 from School of Basic and Applied Sciences. The purposive in the sense that, they are knowledgeable and sound to respond to the questions properly and unbiased. Furthermore, the study also suggests multidimensional theoretical application such as: Two- step Theory, Development Media Theory and Agenda- Setting Theory of Mass Communication due to the devastating impacts of environmental pollutions in Nigeria. The study indicated that Mass Media are powerful organ, as such effective use of Mass Media can mitigate the environmental pollution in Nigeria. It concluded that the journalists should challenge the people to become engaged and take ownership of the environmental problems of the society. And, it proposes a guide-dog approach of journalism to environmental issues, problems and challenges for national development.

Keywords: Environmental sustainability, Mass Media, National Development, Nigeria


This study examined the combined and relative effects of performance appraisal system, training and reward management on work efficiency of university non-academic staff. Two hundred and forty randomly selected non-academics from three universities in Ogun State, Nigeria took part in the study. The age range of the participants was between 23 and 57 years with mean age of 31.6 years while the standard deviation was 9.17. The data for the study were collected using a self-developed questionnaire with three subscales on performance appraisal, in-service training and reward management; while participants’ annual performance evaluation report was used in generating data for work efficiency. Two major hypotheses were formulated and analyzed using multiple regression statistical procedure tested at 0.05 alpha level. The results indicated that the predictor variables when combined accounted for 40.3% of the variation in employees’ work efficiency (R= .641; R2 = .411, Adj R2 = .403; F = 38.404; P = .000). Performance appraisal proved to be the most potent predictor of employees’ work efficiency (β= .458; t= 4.501; P < .05), followed by reward management (β = .321; t= 2.866; P < .05). In-service training has the lowest potency power (β = .390; t = 3.478, P < .05). Based on the findings of this study recommendations were made

Keywords: Babcock University, Job Efficiency, Nigeria, Non-Academic Staff, Performance Appraisal, Reward Management, Training


Childhood measles infection, despite vaccination programs, continues to experience outbreaks in Nigeria. The infection which formerly affect young children, now affect even older persons in colleges. This study was therefore, carried out to identify the measles HI antibodies titers among persons age 2-21years around Lafia, in Lafia Local Government area of Nasarawa State, Nigeria. Blood samples were collected from a total of 235 persons aged 2-21 years between the months of April and October,2012, and were tested for measles antibodies using the heamagglutination inhibition serological technique, after obtaining ethical clearance, informed consent and the records of measles vaccination of the subjects. Out of the 235 subjects, 112 (47.7%) were females and 123 (52.3%) were males. Overall 222 (94.5%) had antibodies to measles, out of which 106 (45.1%) were females and 116 (49.4%) were males. The heamagglutination inhibition detectable antibodies titers and percentage occurrences were as follows; 4(6.8), 8(6.0), 16(7.2), 32(34.1), 64(38.3), 128(0.8) and 512(0.4). This result indicates the efficacy of the Edmond strain of the live attenuated vaccine used in the State and the immune status of the children to measles infection. A study that will involve larger sample size and the entire region to identify high risk pocket areas is recommended.

Keywords: Antibodies Titers, HI, Measles, Nigeria

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