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Driving Behavior and Work Stress as Predictors of Road Traffic Accidents in Borno State, Nigeria


Road Traffic Accident is said to be the fourth leading causes of death across the world. The number of lives being lost to Road Traffic Accident on yearly bases is incredible and often detrimental to the development of a country. Road Traffic Accident in Borno state has alarmingly increased, which has necessitated the need to investigate the phenomenon in the state. Driving Behaviour has been identified as the leading factor and causes of traffic accident in among drivers, while work stress is another factor. Using cross sectional studies, the study found that Number of accidents (r= .03, M=19.3 p<.05) and age (r= .03, M=8.3 p<.05) have no significant relationship with road traffic accident in Borno State. Work Stress (r= .24, M= 8.3, p<.05) and driving behaviour (r= .49, M=8.5, p<.05) significantly predicted road traffic accident among drivers in Borno State.  It is recommended that drivers should be evaluated for psychological health problems from time to time to be sure they are psychologically fit to drive and effective driving stress management skills devised.

Keywords: Borno State, Nigeria, driving behavior, road traffic accidents, work stress

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