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Influence of Anxiety and Motivation in Language Learning (Published)

Motivation and anxiety are two indicating factors in learning a new language. These two factors provide impetus for initiating the process of learning a language, and further along they are a driving force to keep going and continue the sometime of hard and tedious language learning process. This study reports how motivation and anxiety can influence the process of learning and language learners’ performance in the classroom and keeps an eye on the role of teacher on the level of students` motivation and anxiety

Citation: MalekAhmad Kord, Zahra Hosseinpour , Mohamad Hosseinpour  (2022) Influence of Anxiety and Motivation in Language Learning, European Journal of Educational and Development Psychology,Vol.10, No.1, pp.30-37

Keywords: Anxiety, Influence, Language, Learning, Motivation

Teachers’ Perceptions of the Usage of Calculators in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics at the Junior High School Level in Ghana (Published)

Educational technology is recognized as an essential component of the instructional process and thus, uses of calculators have been recommended to be introduced in Junior High Schools in Ghana. However, teachers’ attitudes towards the use of calculators have not been established. The purpose of the study was to investigate teachers’ perceptions towards the use of calculators in mathematics instruction in JHS in Ghana. Descriptive research design was used and data were collected from mathematics teachers using questionnaires. The results indicated that teachers have positive perceptions towards the use of calculators for mathematics learning. The finding is helpful to curriculum developers and they can integrate the use of calculators in mathematics teaching and learning in JHS in Ghana.

Keywords: Calculator, Education, Learning, Mathematics, School, Teachers

Developing Common Core Themes to Integrate Environment and Climate Change Education into Teaching and Learning Biology in Vietnamese Secondary Schools (Published)

This paper examined the development of common core themes to integrate environment and climate change education into teaching and learning Biology in Vietnamese Secondary Schools. In the framework of this paper, we propose a system of core topics in environment and climate change education with the following basic content: Environmental air, Environmental Water, Biological environment, Environmental Soil, Environmental Socio-economy. In conclusion it is necessary to develop the system of core themes that make connections between different subjects in order to solve the common problem arising from the real world, as “Thèmes de convergence” now being implemented in France.

Keywords: Biology, Climate Change Education, Learning, Students, Teaching

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