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Attitudes and Awareness Towards Cosmetic Surgery Among College Students in Kuwait (Published)

Cosmetic surgery is a very popular procedure performed nowadays with a significant increase around the world, having a dramatic and profound impact on student’s health and attitude. The aim of this study is to examine the attitude and level of awareness among students at the college of Health Science’s, which is under PAAET (The Public Authority for Applied Education & training) towards cosmetic surgery and the risks taken behind these procedures. Questionnaires were administered to 250 college students that were analyzed using SPSS version (25). Result showed that female students had more cosmetic surgeries performed than male students, having a positive attitude towards cosmetic surgery, neglecting the risks of these surgeries. This study showed that media and friends have a great impact on the attitude of the students towards cosmetic surgery. Further studies should be undertaken to investigate the attitude of a wider population beyond colleges and universities towards these surgeries.


Keywords: Risks., Students, attitude, awareness, cosmetic surgery

Assessment of Student Awareness and Knowledge about Contaminated mobiles at colleges in Kuwait (Published)

In this era, most people of all ages possess a mobile phone; these mobiles are essential gadgets that became significantly advanced in technology and are convenient for communication, making life easier globally. The aim of this study is to investigate and assist the students Awareness and Knowledge about Contaminated mobiles at colleges in Kuwait. A self- administered questionnaire was distributed among 150 college students that were randomly selected and were asked to answer the questionnaire genuinely. These college students were from different departments such as; Medical laboratory, dental, natural science, nutrition, the department of pharmacology and nursing college. The questionnaire was analyzed statistically using SPSS versionV26. Results show that college students had a lack of awareness, knowledge attitude and behavior towards contaminated mobiles and the transmission of pathogens.

Keywords: Contamination, Infection, Microorganism, Students, mobiles, pathogens

Sexual Behaviour and Attitudes to Sexual Behavioural Outcomes amongst Secondary School Students in Edo State (Published)

Senior secondary students are usually in their early and late teenage years; this period encompasses pubertal development with sexual characteristics that are explored by them. This study is thus aimed at assessing sexual behavior vis-à-vis behavioral outcomes amongst secondary school students in Edo state.  This cross sectional study was conducted on 462 students in some secondary schools in Edo state using a multistaged sampling technique. Results: The mean ages of the subjects were 15.31±3.87 and 16.11± 2.97 for females and males respectively. 33% of respondents indulge in watching sex movies; however this percentage were predominantly males accounting for 24%. This percentage was closely followed by more males (20.6%) indulging in sex than females (7.8%). At the age of 13 years males and females had the same percentages (4.6%) in terms of indulging in sexual intercourse, at 14 and 15 years more males involved in sex than females. More than half of the respondents (55.6%) reported being shy to ask for condoms for sex despite the fact that 89.6% of respondents did not approve of premarital sex. Similarly 52.8% of respondents feel shy to see a doctor or nurse when they are faced with the challenge of sexually transmitted disease. Conclusion: Males across the teenage years were more exploitative in indulging in sex than their female counterparts. We therefore recommend enlightenment on safe behavioral approach to sex and sexual outcomes amongst secondary school students to forestall unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease.

Keywords: Secondary School, Sexual Behavior, Students

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