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Human Resources Management Practice and Behavioural Intention on Internet Free Banking in Nigerian Deposit Money Banks (Published)

The study looked at the impact of human resource management techniques on clients’ willingness to sign up for free internet banking at Nigerian Deposit Money Bank. The study was conducted using a descriptive survey research approach. The study population is made up of employees from various Deposit Money locations. The sample size was 167 people, chosen using a census sampling technique. The study’s primary data was acquired through a standardised questionnaire. The collected data was evaluated using a regression model. The findings revealed that recruitment has a positive impact on client behavioural intention; that performance appraisal has a positive impact on client behavioural intention; and that employee participation has a positive impact on client behavioural intention. As a result, it was concluded that human resources management practices have a positive impact on client behavioural intention, based on which the recommendation was made.

Keywords: Human Resources Management, Performance Appraisal, Recruitment, consumer behavioural intention, employee participation

Determinants that Influence an Effective Performance Management System in Public Health Institutions in Kenya: A Case of Coast Provincial General Hospital (Published)

The objective of this study was to establish the determinants of an effective performance management system in Public Health Institutions in Kenya. The study specifically investigated the case of Coast Provincial General Hospital (CPGH). Primary data was collected by use of a questionnaire which was distributed to a population constituting of 45 heads of departments. Data was analysed using descriptive statistical techniques. Multiple regression analysis technique was used to explain the nature of the relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variables in the study. The study found that no significant relationship existed between the variables strategic congruence, viability, reliability, acceptability and the performance of Coast Provincial General Hospital respectively. The study however found that a positive and significant relationship existed between specificity and performance of the employees of Coast Provincial General Hospital. It was concluded that, performance management system was an important tool to continuously monitor employees’ performance, identify skill gaps and develop required competencies.

Keywords: Acceptance, Performance Appraisal, Reliability, Specificity, Strategic congruence, validity

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