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Financial Re-Engineering and Financial Performance of Poultry Business in Nigeria (Published)

The poultry industry as the largest employer of labour in the organised private sector and contributes 25% to Nigeria GDP. Previous studies had not adequately been able to integrate the process of capturing performance of poultry business using the balanced scorecard performance pillars. Thus, this study examined the impact of financial re-engineering on corporate performance and the sub-variables of the poultry business in Nigeria. The study used survey research. 4,324 active farmers and major stakeholders in the poultry industry from Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones made up the study’s population. The Taro Yamane sample size formula was used to determine the sample size of 450 with a response rate of 84%. The range of the constructs’ Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficients was 0.87 to 0.95. The data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential (multiple regression) analysis with a 5% level of significance. The findings revealed that all financial re-engineering proxies had a significant effect on financial performance (Adj. R2= 0.535, F(5,379) =  87.901, p < 0.05).The study concluded that the study concluded that financial re-engineering has significant effect on financial performance of the poultry business while the lag in the adoption of modern technology including the usage of artificial intelligence and robotics reflected in sub-optimal performance which need be focused for effective asset utilisation. The study recommended the introduction of standards that will aid the starting point of using financial results to drive the business and make credit availability easier in support of various government and non-governmental aids and grants.

Dada, S.O., Akintoye, I.R. and Alawode, O.P. (2023) Financial Re-Engineering and Financial Performance of Poultry Business in Nigeria, European Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance Research, Vol.11, No. 4, pp.60-86

Keywords: Balanced Scorecard., Business Strategy, Organizational structure, Profitability, asset utilization, economic value added, financial re-engineering

Organizational Structure and Corporate Investment Decisions among Selected Listed Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria (Published)

Globally, the rate at which auditors are been sanctioned for negligence and even outright collusion on financial statement misrepresentation continues to be on the increase. This situation remains unabated despite the establishment of various statutory regulations, standards and guidelines. Yet, investors both private, corporate and institutional continues to rely on the audited financial statement with adverse conquences resulting to substantial financial loses. This situation now calls for additional sources of information that would enhance the quality of corporate investment decision. This study investigated the impact of organizational structure on corporate investment decisions in selected listed manufacturing firms in Nigeria. The study adopted survey research designs with a population of 54 listed manufacturing firms in Nigeria. Purposive sampling technique was used to select 510 respondents from a sample frame of 34 companies. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data validated using Cronbach Alpha with Coefficient ranging from 0.772 to 0.907 with 97.2% response rate. The data was analyzed and validated using descriptive and inferential statistics. The study found organizational structure had significant influence on corporate investment decisions (R2 = 0.361, β=0.674 , t (484) = 16.522; p<0.05). The study concluded that organizational structure influences corporate investment decisions for different stakeholders in selected listed manufacturing companies in Nigeria. The study recommended that investors and decision makers alike should consider and monitor the adopted organizational structure in addition to the audited financial statement when embarking on corporate investment decisions.

Keywords: Organizational structure, corporate investment decision, listed manufacturing firms

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