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Fraud Prevention

Internal Control System and Fraud Prevention of Quoted Financial Services Firms in Nigeria: A Smart PLS-SEM Approach (Published)

Fraud prevention involves the integration of all efforts that may be used to reduce or limit the opportunities to commit fraud in an organization. It is tool for protecting the collapse of business activities and it is widely use in the corporate world to manage business challenges. The internal control system is use manage risk and to prevent fraud and errors in order to prevent business losses and liquidation of business. On this basis, the study seeks to examine the effect of internal control system on fraud prevention of financial services firms in Nigeria. The population is 284 respondents from the listed financial services firms in Nigeria. A cluster sampling technique was adopted for the study. The data was sources through the primary sources and a structure questionnaire were administered to the respondents through the use of five-point Liker scale system, and the SMART-PLS-3-SEM was used to analyze the fitness of the data and test the research hypothesis. A constructive reliability and validity, the discriminant validity measure and cross loadings were used to test the fitness of the model. Path coefficient, predictive relevance of exogenous. Findings from the study revealed that control environment and monitoring were found to have a positive and significant effect on fraud prevention, while the information and communication has a negative and significant effect on fraud prevention. Risk assessment show an insignificant positive effect on fraud prevention while control activities is negative and insignificant effect on fraud prevention of the listed financial services firms in Nigeria. In conclusion, the study found that internal control system has a significant influence on fraud prevention. It is recommended among others that the management of financial services firms should maintain the used in control environment, monitoring system because they play a greater in effect on fraud prevention. Also, regulator agency such as CBN, EFCC and ICPC should develop an internal control framework and policy that will guide the financial services firm in Nigeria.

Keywords: Financial Services, Fraud Prevention, Internal control, Nigeria

Fraud Prevention and Business Performance in Quoted Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria (Published)

The study focused on Fraud prevention as a dimension of Audit function on Business Profitability, effectiveness and Efficiency as measures of performance. Primary and secondary data were collected, sample size was thirty (32) quoted manufacturing companies. Pearson Product Moment Correlation powered by Statistical package for social sciences and QSR-NVIVO software aided the data analysis. The study found that the influence of fraud prevention is more positive and very significant on business profitability, than on effectiveness and business efficiency, which appears to have weak influence in the quoted manufacturing companies in Nigeria. Conclusively, the more stringent fraud prevention measures tends to be the more businesses will achieve higher growth in terms of profitability. It is recommended that firms should improve on the fraud prevention mechanism to track all dubious tendencies to avoid being defrauded.

Keywords: Fraud Prevention, Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency, Profitability

Fraud Prevention and Detection (Review Completed - Accepted)

Fraud has been a million-dollar business which is rapidly increasing at global level. Most organisations are victims of fraud which is committed in unlimited multifarious forms. Major threats have been prompted by new information systems, reengineering and reorganisation which weaken the existing controls. The paper addresses the anti-fraud strategy and fraud prevention and detection techniques.

Keywords: Anti-Fraud Strategy, Fraud Detection, Fraud Prevention, Perp-Walk

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