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Financial Distress

Risk Management Committee Gender and Likelihood of Financial Distress of Listed Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria (Published)

This study explores the effect of risk management committee gender diversity on the likelihood of financial distress among listed deposit money banks in Nigeria. The study utilizes the Nigerian Code of Corporate Governance 2018 as an instrumental variable to address endogeneity concerns related to the self-selection of gender diversity on the risk management committee. The dependent variable is the likelihood of financial distress, while the independent variable is the gender composition of the risk management committee. The sample size consists of 12 listed deposit money banks, and the data covers the period from 2017 to 2021. The analysis employs a two-stage regression analysis technique. The findings of this study reveal a significant positive effect of risk management committee gender on the likelihood of financial distress among listed deposit money banks in Nigeria. This suggests that a higher representation of a particular gender in the risk management committee is associated with an increased likelihood of financial distress. The results have important implications for policymakers, regulators, and banking institutions in Nigeria. The study highlights the need to consider gender diversity in risk management committees as a potential driver of financial distress. The findings call for proactive measures to promote a more balanced gender representation and inclusion in corporate decision-making processes within the banking sector. The findings emphasize the significance of gender diversity in risk management practices and provide valuable insights for stakeholders seeking to enhance risk assessment and mitigate the occurrence of financial distress in the banking sector.

Keywords: Banks’, Financial Distress, Gender diversity, Nigeria, Risk Management

The Assessment of Financially Distress Projects: Major Signs, Sources and Restructuring (Published)

The significance of project finance cannot be overemphasized as there is a paradigm shift in financing capital intensive projects by both private and public entities using project finance schemes as opposed to traditional corporate finance across the world. Unfortunately, a number of such projects are engulfed into financial distress at some point in their life cycles. In order to address this issue, this paper examined the elements of project financial distress, its major signs, sources, and as well as suggesting ways to eliminate these undesirable consequences. The methodology used is the critical analysis of empirical literature. Findings of this study provide basis for addressing financial distress conditions by restructuring financially distress projects. The findings also indicate that restructuring can be looked at in four broad dimensions notably; financial, asset, operational, and managerial

Keywords: Debts, Equity, Financial Distress, Project Finance, Restructuring, Risk

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