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From Face to-Face to Teleworking: A Literature Review on How Different Types of Work Affect Psychological Well-Being (Published)

In 2022, the pandemic showed the first signs of diminishing the virulence and lethality of the coronavirus and its variants. Gradually, workers had to re-adapt from mandatory teleworking into a massive comeback to face-to-face work, while some preferred to stay home office. Through extensive archival research, this research investigated the different types of work and their influence on Psychological Well-Being (PWB) in the Brazilian IT industry. Key findings revealed psychological fallout caused by the pandemic, affecting not only the workers’ performance but also the way workers should work. Some prefer staying home due to fewer distances traveled and lower mobility costs, for instance. In contrast, others prefer face-to-face work because it facilitates communication and meetings, helps establish trust, facilitates clarity in conversations, and saves time during the workday. Finally, we found evidence that face-to-face work also helps improve satisfaction and PWB.

Citation: Schmitz, T. & Dias, M. (2023) From Face-To-Face to Teleworking: A Literature Review On How Different Types of Work Affect Psychological Well-Being, British Journal of Psychology Research, Vol.11, No.2, 1-24

Keywords: Brazil, IT industry, Psychological well-being, teleworking

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