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Burnout Syndrome Present in the Process of Rehabilitation in Teachers at the Primary Level (Published)

The purpose of this research work is to determine the Burnout Syndrome present in the rehabilitation process in teachers at the primary level after the Covid-19 pandemic in Mexico, being a quantitative, cross-sectional, analytical study and its universe. It was made up of basic level teachers, a sociodemographic questionnaire was applied, teachers were evaluated with a self-application instrument on organizational climate, mental health and finally fatigue. Where it was found that 85% that teachers notice alterations and refers to the fact that they are usually noticed in a different, strange or uncomfortable way in difference with other colleagues, it is important to point out the manifestations of apathy that exist among co-workers given the labor characteristics, these sensations continue to appear continuously or never completely disappear. Teachers are affected by their ability to function, in any of their personal and social roles, and they may be considered to suffer from depersonalization-derealization disorder. It is important to point out that they manifest a feeling of not being able to control their movements or that they simply feel like a robot, having little coordination when doing exercises with the students and also that it manifests itself in communication with other teachers. They manifest having emotional and physical numbness in response to living with the world around them. Fear of the social environment under normal characteristics causes emotional exhaustion, a high level of stress and poor mental health, which is why 80% of teachers at the time of the study are considered to have Bournout syndrome.

Citation: Jocelin O.P.Z., Manuel S.S.J., Magally M. R., Anabelem S.M. (2023) Burnout Syndrome Present in the Process of Rehabilitation in Teachers at the Primary Level, British Journal of Psychology Research, Vol.11, No.1, pp.1-9

Keywords: Basic Education, Burnout Syndrome, Teacher

Examining the Adequacy of Past Performances and Teacher Judgments to Estimate GCSE and A-Level Grades During the Pandemic Crisis (Published)

On the 17th March, 2020, the British government announced that due to school closures during the height of the pandemic, GCSE and ALevel grades would be determined on the basis of teachersassessments and evidence of students hitherto attainments. Englands Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, emphasised that grades awarded this summer will accurately reflect students’ abilities and will be as valid this year as any other“.To test this assertion, this quantitative research study independently examined the predictive accuracy of using past performances and teacher judgments to anticipate studentsfinal grade outcomes among 84 thirdyear university students at a private university located in the outskirts of Bangkok. After assessments were formally graded, the mean end-of-year English score for 2018-2019 was calculated at 59.94%, which was significantly different to the average standard attained previously in 2017-2018 (54.36%; sig, p <0.05). Nonetheless, in disagreement with prior literature, teacher judgments proved to be statistically reliable (57.98%, not sig, p <0.05). Further implications, research recommendations and policy considerations are also discussed in this paper.

Keywords: Accuracy, Judgment, Performance, Teacher, attainment

Teacher- Student Relationship (Published)

The purpose of this study is to investigate teacher student relationship from the students’ point views in Umm- Alqura University. Data was collected byA questionnaire that was distributed on (293) on both female (171) and male (122) students. Students ranged from freshmen (65), juniors (87), sophomores (84) and seniors (57) in both the education (162) and scientific (131) fields. The questionnaire distributed consisted of 25 items on a likert scale ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. Data was then analyzed and the results showed no significant difference found among students’ gender, college and year of study.


Keywords: Relationship, Student, Teacher


This study was conducted to establish the influence of stress arising from motivation on professional effectiveness of secondary school teachers in Cross River State. The study adopted an ex-post facto design. Stratified random sampling technique was used to select sixty (60) schools out of two hundred and thirty (230) public secondary schools, while random sampling was used to select six hundred (600) teachers. Research data were collected through the use of 2 sets of self-developed and validated questionnaire titled: Motivation Inventory (MOI) and Professional Effectiveness Questionnaire (PEQ). MOI consisted of 21 items Likert-type scale with a alternative responses (very stressful, stressful, less stressful, not stressful). PEQ was a 28 items Likert-type scale with 4 alternative responses (very effective, effective, ineffective, less effective and has submits such as lesson presentation, use of instructional aids, classroom management, evaluation of students, learning motivation, supervision of co-curricular activities and professional/personal qualities. Both instruments has reliability index of 0.81 and 0.87 significance. Result obtained showed a significant influence of stress arising from (motivation on lesson presentation, use of instructional aids, classroom management and evaluation of students, supervision of co-curricular activities). Based on the finding, it was recommended among others that teachers should learn how to manage stressful situations by use of self-talk technique which enables an individual emit self-statements that may prompt coping behaviour.

Keywords: Cross River State, Motivation, Stress, Teacher, professional effectiveness

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