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Co-Creating Healthcare Campaigns through Design and Social Marketing Approaches (Published)

This theoretical article aims to present and describe the role of the design thinking approach, and social marketing canvas model in designing and improving an action plan for a healthcare campaign addressed to target audiences exposed to a disease, such as COVID-19. The latest global events encouraged this author to produce and write this essay to introduce two agile instruments for co-creating and co-producing a healthcare campaign considering the citizen experience. The design approach and social marketing canvas are based on agile methodologies and lean principles to reach two primary results: (a) design, co-create and co-produce a ‘social product/service’; (b) social marketing canvas co-organises the strategies required to address the ‘social product/service’ to a target audience. Furthermore, both tools have the role of inducing a social change by policymaking in healthcare campaigns in a humanised way and considering the individuals as the primary agents of social change.

Citation: Edson Coutinho Da Silva and Silvio Augusto Minciotti (2022) Co-Creating Healthcare Campaigns through Design and Social Marketing Approaches, British Journal of Marketing Studies, Vol. 10, Issue 1, pp.1-12





Keywords: Design, Innovation, Social Marketing, social change, social marketing canvas.

Social Marketing and “Quack” Traditional Birth Attendants’ Patronage (Published)

The aim of the study was to undertake a critical assessment of the effect of social marketing as a tool for discouraging the patronage of “quack” traditional birth attendants (TBAs) by women in developing countries, exemplified by Cross River State, Nigeria. It was targeted at determining the extent the application of social marketing traditional marketing-mix variables of product, price, promotion and place, can go in demarketing the patronage of quack TBAs by the women. Survey research design was employed for the study. The sample for the study was 367 which was derived using the Taro Yamane’s formula from a total population of 3,798 people encompassing health personnel, traditional birth attendants, pregnant and nursing mothers, including women within child bearing ages in three Local Government Areas of Cross River State in Nigeria (Akpabuyo, Calabar Municipal, and Calabar-South). The stratified and systematic sampling was then used to segment, select and distribute questionnaire copies to women living within the chosen areas. Hypothesis was formulated and tested using Multiple Linear Regression analytical tools of SPSS (version 21). The results showed that a combined use of the social marketing traditional marketing-mix variables of product, price, promotion and place will significantly discourage the patronage of “quack” TBAs. However, promotion was found to have a more far-reaching effect.

Keywords: Quacks, Social Marketing, Traditional Birth Attendants

The Impact of Social Marketing on Customer Knowledge in Jordan Communication Companies (Applied Study) (Published)

This study will explore the extent of applying social marketing in Jordan’s communication companies, its impact on the customer knowledge, the research community contained the Jordanian citizens live in the capital Amman, and how they deal with two companies: Zain and Orange. A simple random sample was taken consisted of citizens dealing with communication companies in Jordan, as the questionnaire is distributed to them for scientific research purposes. The study reached many results, the most important are: communication companies in Jordan apply social marketing concept, and they do not apply the social marketing concept in the following fields: the social, scientific, healthy and religious. Communication companies in Jordan apply social marketing concept in many fields, such as the environmental, sport and in public services sector. Communication companies’ application in Jordan affects the social responsibility in marketing on the customer knowledge. The study proposed many recommendations, such as communication companies should define their presented services to the community aiming at increasing the customer knowledge and focusing on paying attention to various social fields, the most important one is the religious aspect as it is most significant interest in sample individual’s point of view. Also, providing financial allocations suitable for implementing programs and plans of social marketing , and making another studies on study subject, by applying on other vital sectors aiming at showing the role of social marketing and its importance in affecting the customer knowledge in various fields which can give them great benefit.

Keywords: Applications, Communication Companies, Customer Knowledge, Jordan, Social Marketing

Social Marketing Communications for Check-Mating Sales of Fake and Adulterated Drugs in Nigeria (Published)

Keywords: Adulterated drugs, Fake drugs, Nigeria, Sales, Social Marketing

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