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Advertising and Profitability; Evidence from Selected SMES in Uyo (Published)

Financial constraints, as well as a lack of managerial skills, equipment and technology, regulatory concerns, access to international markets, and unfair competition, are all reasons that impede the development of SMEs. SMEs require advertising strategies to ensure their long-term viability and growth in an ever-changing and competitive business environment. In this study, more attention will be paid to the question and relevance of advertising as a form of promotion to improve profitability. 50 small and medium scale enterprises were selected from Uyo. The survey was carried out in major urban center which is Uyo. This area was chosen because the tempo of economic activities being carried out by SMEs to meet the demands of the consumers is very high. The data used for this study were majorly primary and these were obtained from the field through the use of questionnaire. From the data gotten, Cronbach alpha was then used to test for the validity, consistency as well as the reliability of the data-set. All the constructs or items had Cronbach’s Alpha above the minimum acceptable reliability coefficient between 0.5 to 0.9 and therefore exhibits good internal consistency. Following the results, it is observed that the effect of advertising on profitability of the selected SMEs in Uyo metropolis is positive and significant. From the findings of this study, we conclude that advertising can significantly improve profitability of SMEs in AkwaIbom State.

Citation: Aniebiet Etuk, and Emmanuel O. Emenyi (2022) Advertising and Profitability; Evidence from Selected SMES in Uyo, British Journal of Marketing Studies, Vol. 10, Issue 2, pp.1-12

Keywords: Advertising, Nigeria, Profitability, SMEs, Uyo

Analysis of Managerial Factors on the Performance of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Manufacturing Sector in Ho Chi Minh City- Vietnam. (Published)

This paper was conducted by qualititative and quantititative approach, and the primary data was collected from SMEs in manufacturing sector in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). The main objectives of this study is to analyze the factors affecting the SMEs’ performance in manufacturing industry in Ho Chi Minh City. In the first stage, the authors applied the deep-interview to the experts to discover the factors in contemporary management based on the management theories effecting on the performance of Vietnamese SME(s) in HCMC. In the second stage, the researcher used the quantitative approach to collect data from 200 people who work in the Vietnamese SMEs in manufacturing sector in HCMC. In general, in these factors, the most affecting factor to SMEs in the manufacturing sector in HCMC, Vietnam was Organizational Commitment, next was Business Planning, Controlling, and final one was Strategy Implementation. In conclusion, H1, H2, H3, H4 for the theorical research model were accepted. 

Keywords: Business planning, Contemporary management, Organizational Commitment, Performance, SMEs, Vietnam

Factors Influencing Online Marketing Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Dong Nai Province (Published)

Nowadays, the Internet is covering almost every corner of the places in Vietnam and it makes the transmission of information much faster. In The number of internet users is up to 80% and over 70% of internet users go to the net for information. With so much search content, the content is there, it’s really great. Besides, online marketing is a way to advertise the products and services that will save enterprises a lot of money compared to traditional marketing. Online marketing campaigns can be easily measured and evaluated to be able to draw lessons for the following campaigns. Effectiveness comes quickly (eg, enterprises hire banner ads on a reputable website. So many visitors will find out information on enterprises’ website.); and Broad range of marketing is not limited, information flow is rich, diverse in form. Customers can find the information they want anytime and anywhere, just the internet. Moreover, the research results showed that there were 300 customers who interviewed and answered about 15 questions. The Data collected from 05/07/2016 to 15/07/2017 in Dong Nai province. The researcher had analyzed Cronbach’s alpha, KMO test, the result of KMO analysis used for multiple regression analysis. The research results were processed from SPSS 20.0 software. Finally, the researchers have recommendations supporting the sustainable development of online marketing development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Dong Nai province.

Keywords: E-Commerce, Internet, Marketing and LHU, SMEs, online


This paper reviews selected studies on SMEs’ internationalisation patterns and other aspects of their international market behaviour. The objective of the review is to critique the contribution of these studies to academic debate and knowledge. The review is based on 5 studies which have the common subject matter of SME international market behaviour. Articles reviewed are sourced from the published papers index of “Emerald Insight”. Each article is thoroughly read, with special attention given to the harmony among its literature, methodology and findings. All studies could fairly contribute to academic debate on the various aspects of SMEs’ international market behaviour by providing a strong link between related literature, chosen methodology and results. The logical flow of thoughts and augments, and their linking to previous theoretical and empirical evidence is praiseworthy. Results in the papers support reviewed literature, chosen methodology and conc

Keywords: Emerging Markets, Resource-Based View, SMEs, international market segmentation, internationalisation patterns, supplier-buyer relationships

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