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Determinants impacting impulse buying of green beauty products (Published)

In Bangladesh growing environmental consciousness has caused a substantial shift in the green product market during the past few years. Today’s consumers are “thinking green” and are prepared to pay more for ecologically friendly goods. Impulse buying is one of the many diverse purchasing habits that consumers have. Impulse purchase or buy is any unplanned purchase made by a consumer. The research aims to discover and analyze the elements that influence consumers’ impulsive purchases of green beauty products. The researched constructs were adjusted and confirmed by exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses. With the help of the statistical program Smart PLS 2.0, the study’s paradigm was applied to the perspectives of 214 respondents in the city of Dhaka. According to the study’s findings, perceived product benefits, environmental concerns, sales promotion, and peer pressure are all significantly positively associated with impulsive purchase behavior. Surprisingly, however, the notion of green trust and packaging has shown adverse effects. The study’s result also assists past research studies in this field by validating the findings. The study will also aid green cosmetics marketers in creating successful marketing strategies by enabling them to understand better regarding many factors influencing consumers’ perceptions and impulsive purchasing behavior.

Keywords: green beauty products, green perceived value, green trust, impulse buying

Impulse Buying Components in Grocery (LMT) Stores Lahore Pakistan (Published)

The buying of grocery without any planning to do so in advance this is a suddenly buying whim or impulse this paper explores the effect of promotional approaches; attractive display of product; store environment and brand promoter convincing on (IB) impulse buying. This paper used the primary data. The data is collected from the public who are coming for shopping in grocery departmental stores in Lahore Pakistan through filling a questioner. The results shows Impulse buying affected from the predictor’s variables, the alternate hypothesis are accepted. This study is focused only for impulsive buying for Grocery purchasing but there are many other things which can be considered. The study is beneficial for making a different selling & retailing decisions.

Keywords: Store environment and brand promoter convincing, impulse buying, promotional approaches ‘Attractive display of product


This paper determined the influence of retail store merchandise assortment and display on consumer impulse buying behavior in north-west Nigeria. Two specific purposes were set with two research questions to guide the study. Two null hypotheses were formulated for the study and were tested at .05 level of significance. The study was conducted in 10 Colleges of Education in North-west Nigeria on a target population of Business Education Lecturers. A total of 219 Lecturers who teach Business Education courses in the colleges and who also patronize retail stores as consumers were studied. A structured questionnaire called “Influence of Retail Store Merchandise Assortment and Display on Consumer Impulse Buying Behaviour (IRSMADCIBB)” was used to obtain data for the study. The instrument was structured on a five-point Likert scale. The instrument was face-validated by three experts in Business Education in University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria all in Nigeria. Cronbach’s Alpha reliability test was used to determine the internal consistency of the instrument and a reliability index of .75 was obtained. A total of 204 copies of the instrument were retrieved for analysis. Data were analyzed using Mean and Standard Deviation to answer the research questions while Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was used to test the null hypotheses at .05 level of significance. It was found out that the respondents agreed that retail store merchandise assortment and display are capable of influencing consumers’ impulse buying behavior. It was recommended, among others, that retail store merchants should take advantage of training and retraining programmes such as workshops, seminars and conferences to update their retailing skills for better product presentations to their customers.

Keywords: Consumer Behaviour, impulse buying, merchandise assortment, merchandise display

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