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Development of a Quality Assessment System for Building Contractors in Lagos State, Nigeria (Published)

In the past few decades, Nigeria has witnessed increases in activities in the construction sector, but there have not been developed a robust quality assessment system for building contractors in Lagos State, Nigeria. The aim of this study is to develop a quality assessment system for building contractors in Lagos state. In order to realize this aim, the study assess an adopted conceptual framework as well as areas of improvement with regard to how their organization does quality assessment.The study employed a descriptive case study design where data was collected from senior managers, project managers, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, and technical managers working with building construction companies in the Lagos Metropolitan Area using the mixed method approach. Quantitative data was collected using questionnaire from 109 randomly selected participants and analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Qualitative data was collected through interviews with 9 purposively selected respondents and analysed using the thematic analysis technique. The improvement areas identified were: Staff education and training, Information technology, Involvement of senior leaders, customization of existing quality assessment tools, partnering with contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders, change management and involving other stakeholders. This study recommends that developing a model for guiding the process of assessing quality among Lagos and Nigerian contractors should incorporate prescribed steps, methods, tools, and procedures that local contractors should use in the assessment of quality. This model will help to standardize the processes of assessing quality within the Lagos construction industry

Keywords: Building Contractors, Development, Lagos State, Nigeria, System, quality assessment

The Nexus between Land Administration System and Land Market Development in Delta State, Nigeria (Published)

One  of the most daunting challenges of urban dwellers today in developing nations is how to promote balance land use that will reduce conflict, abuse, misuse and chaotic location of activities, hence the need for effective land administration system. This study examines the relationship between land administration system and land market development. Using Delta state as a case study, the study adopted a survey research design using a well-structured questionnaire to elicit information from 277 respondents comprising of estate surveyors and Valuers, estate agents/developers and land officers in Asaba, Warri, Sapele and Ughelli in Delta state. Data collected were subjected to statistical analysis with the aid of Statistical package for social science version 21.0. The findings revealed that there is significant relationship between land administration system and land market development in Delta state. It is evident that land administration and land market in the study areas is fraught with various challenges such as market and technical, administrative, cost and legal, financial and bureaucratic challenges. It was also discovered that the identified requirements for effective land administration system were important and indispensable for successful land market operation. The study therefore recommends that the existing policy on land administration should be evaluated to enhance the overall performance of the land administration system in the state; there should the regular updating the land base transaction records to prevent multiple ownership of a parcel; actors in land market should simplify the procedures of transferring land rights; Land transactions should be documented and registered to avoid dispute among land owners and the buyers; government policies and regulations should be strictly enforced as these will enhance land market development in the state; a robust strategy that will ensure long-term sustainable development of an efficient LM is also required for a better and improved land administration that will further enhanced the land market in the State

Keywords: Development, Land market, Urban, land administration

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