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Study on Heavy Metal Contamination from the Soot of Flared Gas on Selected Vegetation of Jeddo Community, Delta State, Nigeria (Published)

Soot is a black solid dispersed in air, which comes from the combustion of hydrocarbon molecules. From this study, some samples of Telfairia  Occidentalis, local leaves (ugu) were collected from both Jeddo community (close to Warri Refinery and Petrochemical Company WRPC and other artisanal refineries) and Osubi Community (where there are no gas-flaring activities); all located in Okpe local government of Delta State, Nigeria. The vegetables were taken to the laboratory for analysis: to ascertain the level of heavy metal contamination from the soot that came from the gas-flaring and artisanal refineries in the area. From the result obtained, it was discovered that Zn, Cr, Cd and Pb in the vegetation had higher values above the WHO (1996) permissible limit, while Cu and Ni present in the vegetable, had values below the WHO permissible limit. This implies that soot from artisanal refineries had negative impact on the leafy vegetables (T. Occidentalis) in Jeddo community. These results then make the vegetation samples from Jeddo community unsafe for human consumption. The policies regulating the refineries should be enforced to achieve a safer atmosphere in the environment.

Citation: Obi-udu I, Uwadiegwu B.O., Okoye O.N.N., Onwuka S.U. (2022) Study on Heavy Metal Contamination from the Soot of Flared Gas on Selected Vegetation of Jeddo Community, Delta State, Nigeria, British Journal of Environmental Sciences, Vol.10, No.6, pp.,66-72

Keywords: Contamination, Gas-flaring, Heavy Metals, Nigeria, Vegetation, soot

Assessment of Some Selected Automated Teller Machines in Kaduna Metropolis for Pathogenic Bacteria Contamination (Published)

Selected Automated Teller Machines in Kaduna Metropolis were assessed for pathogenic bacteria contamination. Pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Shigella dysenteriae, Salmonella typhimurium, Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia were isolated using standard methods. Kano Road and Ahmadu Bello Way had the highest number of isolates as well as sample size because of the concentration of the banks around these roads and the influx of people within and around this area who do business on a daily basis. K. pneumoniae had the largest percentage of isolates with 46 (23.0%), followed by S. dysenteriae with 37 (18.50%). S. aureus, S. tyhimurium, and P. aeruginosa had 33 (16.50%), 32 (16.0%) and 29 (14.5%) respectively while E. coli had the smallest percentage of isolates with 22 (11.0%). The correlation coefficient (r) of 0.60 obtained showed that there is a strong relationship between the isolated pathogenic bacteria and the Automated Teller Machines.

Keywords: Automated Teller Machines, Contamination, Pathogenic Bacteria

Heavy Metal Contamination of Top Soil at Auto-Repair workshops in Cape Coast, Ghana (Published)

Trace metal contamination at 4 selected auto workshops at cape coast Ghana has been ascertained in this study. A total of 18 soil samples from auto-repair workshops and 44 soil samples from control sites were sampled and analyzed using energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence technique (EDXRF). Heavy metals like Fe ,Cu, Zn ,Cr, Pb and Mn were analyzed .Mn concentrations were between 364.6713g/g and 1934.063g/g. Cu  concentrations were between 42.33g/g and 299.36g/g, Zn concentrations fell between 67.08g/g and 544.26g/g, Cr concentration were between 93.54g/g and 1266.23, Ni concentrations were between75.89g/g and 217.52, Pb concentrations were also between 73.89g/g and 713.65g/g, Fe concentrations were between 21485g/g and 47317.50g/g, which is below its natural  occurrence. The enrichment factor (EF) was also used to identify possible levels of contamination from anthropogenic sources. Mechanical shop, Spraying shop, Wielding shop and Electrical shop were contaminated with Fe, Ni, Cu and Mn.

Keywords: Concentration, Contamination, Energy Dispersive X-ray Florescence, Enrichment Factor, Heavy Metals

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