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A Critical Literature Review of Corporal Punishment and Its Use in Society (Published)

This critical review, which was done on thematic basis, covers literature mainly from the period of 2015-2022 on corporal punishment obtained from some major databases and textbooks. The review, which took a funnel approach, covers literature from global, African and Ghanaian perspectives on corporal punishment. The review which covers literature on what is corporal punishment, forms of corporal punishment, prevalence of corporal punishment and reasons for the use of corporal punishment among others, is intended to give understanding on the use of corporal punishment in society. It also aims to guide future studies on the use of corporal punishment and the call for the use of other alternatives to corporal punishment.

Keywords: Society, corporal punishment, critical literature review

Social Studies Education and the Need for Value-Based Education in Nigeria (Published)

Values throughout the world are a universal concept. Nigeria as a pluralistic society is characterized by many goals and sets of values. The social, political, economic and religious institutions associated with this society are made up of many diverse groups. Each of these groups has its individual rules and values. The rules and values of these institutions very often conflict, yet many people continue to see the society as having a set of values. However, the conflict between the rules and values which characterize the various institutions in a given social framework collectively substantiate and constitute enough evidence as to the pluralistic nature of many modern societies ‘Nigeria’. Value-based education in Nigeria has been identified as the main condition for the growth and sustainable development of any nation of the world. With particular reference to these conflicting values in pluralistic society like ours Social Studies education has a critical role to play to actualize this dream. The paper therefore is beamed at exploring: the changing role of education and implication for values and versa, objectives of value-based education in the modern context, types of values, the role of Social Studies in inculcating value-based education, Social Studies education and spatial dimension of value-based education, Social Studies education and cognitive, and affective dimension of value-based education, Social Studies education and character based-education, Social Studies teacher’s function as a model for value development, the Nigerian core values and some recommendations were made.

Keywords: Education, Nigeria, Social Studies, Society, Value-Based Education

Status of Technical Education Curriculum Programme for Skill Acquisition in a Dynamic Society (Published)

The paper was designed to look at the present status of technical education curriculum programme for skill acquisition in a dynamic society. The paper examined technical education curriculum programme and the different national developmental strategies and the same time touched the current implementation and talked about evaluation for technical education programme that necessitate a change in a dynamic society. One of the components examined concerning this paper is the teacher that is responsible for the implementation of the policy and technical education curriculum. Other key elements discussed are the tools, equipment and facilities that are the major keys and elements of skill acquisition. In view of the prevailing circumstances and status, it was suggested that government should make fund available to train and retrain Nigerian’s for ever changing and dynamic society among others

Keywords: Acquisition, Curriculum, Dynamic, Education, Programme, Skill, Society, Status, and Technical

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