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Implementation of Educational Policy for Socio – Economic and Political Emancipation in Nigeria (Published)

The study examined the influence of the implementation of Nigerian Educational Policy on socio – economic and political emancipation in Nigeria. It specifically examined how the implementation of the policy could socially, economically and politically assist in the emancipation of people i.e. the Nigerian citizens. The study revealed that educational policies in Nigeria are capable of making an average Nigerian, self – reliant economically and socially. It further revealed that proper implementation of the policy could improve the political awareness and participation of the citizens. It was concluded that Nigerian educational policy paved way for socio-economic and political emancipation; however, effective and proper implementation brings development to Nigeria. Educational policies in Nigeria should be tailored to suit the social, economic and political aspirations of Nigerians. The problems militating against effective implementation of educational policies were highlighted. Based on the conclusions of the study, it was recommended that the challenges facing the effective implementation   of educational policies should be addressed by government and all stakeholders. Since teachers are the implementers of educational policies, qualified teachers should be employed, trained and retrained on how to implement national educational policy in such a way that socio – economic and political emancipation would be achieved. Policy makers and educational experts need  to work together to design national policies that would give way to economically self – reliant citizens, they need to work as partners in progress with teachers to ensure that the policy is implemented accordingly, also the cultural backgrounds of all ethnic groups in Nigeria should be taken into consideration whenever educational policies are reviewed.

Citation: Adesua, V. O.  (2022) Implementation of Educational Policy for Socio – Economic and Political Emancipation in Nigeria, British Journal of Education, Vol.10, Issue 10, pp.51-59

Keywords: Educational Policies, Implementation, Nigeria, Socio-Economic, political emancipation

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