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Marital instability

Pedagogy for Overcoming the Challenges of Marital Instability in Nigeria (Published)

Marriage is a universal practice but what obtains in one culture and state maybe different from what obtains in another. However, one common denominator that is present in the marriage institution irrespective of culture and state of origin is change. Change in marriage has tremendously altered basic and fundamental values and objectives of marriage so much that love, happiness, fulfilments and accomplishments that are inherent in marriage have become hypothetical assumptions following the fact that married couples presently live as intimate enemies (Dildar, Sitwat and Yasin, 2013) – a development where marital instability is fast becoming a norm. Using the philosophical methodology, this paper takes a position that the marriage institution needs to be protected and upon this the paper makes a case by proffering pedagogical strategies for overcoming the challenges of marital instability in Nigeria. Among other things, the paper suggests and recommends that marriage and its survival should take centre stage in educational provisions in Nigeria, that measures should be put in place for the promotion of marriage so much that evidence of marriage should be the basic entry point for access to social goods provided by the state, including the state adopting marriage as a social justice mechanism and supporting those who identify with it. The paper also suggests that decline in marriage and marital instability should be a cause for concern to any state that is desirous of development.

Keywords: Marital instability, Marriage, Nigeria, Pedagogy

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