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Extensiveness of Heads of Schools Coaching Role on Teachers’ Professional Development in Community Public Secondary Schools in Simanjiro District, Tanzania (Published)

This study was conducted to examine the extent to which heads of schools’ coach teachers to improve their professional development in community public secondary schools in Simanjiro District, Tanzania. The study was guided by the theory of Total Quality Management (TQM). The study employed convergent research design under the mixed methods research approach. The target population in this study included teachers of community public secondary schools, heads of schools and the District Secondary Education Officer. The study sample comprised of 73 respondents in which 60 teachers were sampled through stratified and simple random sampling technique. Questionnaires and interview guides were used to collect the required data. The reliability of quantitative instruments was established through Cronbach Alpha. The validity and reliability of qualitative instruments was established through triangulation method. Quantitative data were analysed by using descriptive statistics such as frequencies, means, and percentages and presented in tables with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 23. The qualitative data were analysed by developing themes from research questions and present them in narrative form and direct quotations. The study found out that to a small extent heads of schools perform coaching role since they have inadequate coaching knowledge which is caused by the lack of training, seminars or workshops to heads of schools. The study concluded that the extent heads of schools perform the role of coaching to improve teachers’ professional development is too small. The study recommends that the government should finance both heads of schools and teachers’ trainings and seminars concerning their careers for their professional development.

Keywords: Coaching, Professional Development, head of school

Community Secondary Schools Heads’ Effectiveness in Strategic Resourcing to Enhancing Equity in Education in Kigoma Region, Tanzania (Published)

This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of the instructional leadership practice of strategic resourcing exercised by heads of community secondary schools and its contribution towards enhancing equity in education in Kigoma region, Tanzania. The study was informed by the Student-Centred Model of instructional leadership theory. Convergent design under the mixed method approach was used to collect, analyse, and report both qualitative and quantitative data. Purposive sampling and stratified simple random sampling techniques were used to obtain a sample of 312 respondents consisting of 144 Form IV students, 144 teachers, and 24 heads of schools from 24 secondary schools of 4 councils. The study draws from quantitative and qualitative data generated from a questionnaire, interview guide, focus group discussion guide and document analysis guide. Quantitative data were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. The Pearson correlation coefficient was used to test the hypothesis. Thematic analysis was used for analysing qualitative data. Findings revealed that heads of community secondary schools were effective in strategic resourcing to enhance equity in education. However, equity in education indicated by student attendance, providing academic support, completion of Form IV and performance in Form IV national examinations remained lower than the required standards. The study concluded that without addressing challenges including shortage of teachers, teaching and learning facilities, and overcrowded classrooms, heads of schools’ effectiveness in strategic resourcing is doomed to fail to enhance equity in education to the expected levels. The study recommended that the Government in collaboration with intermediary educational authorities should find a solution to the challenges to allow the heads of schools to enhance equity in education in Kigoma region.

Citation: Elias Petro Ruvahofi, Gadi Koda, Herme Mosha (2022) Community Secondary Schools Heads’ Effectiveness in Strategic Resourcing to Enhancing Equity in Education in Kigoma Region, Tanzania, British Journal of Education, Vol.10, Issue 14, 55-79

Keywords: community secondary schools, equity in education, head of school, leadership practices, resourcing strategically

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