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The boundary between the Prime Gaps and the Interchangeable be-tween a Quantum Mechanics System & a Classical Chaos One (Published)

With reference to my last paper, this author found that there are always some discrete quantum constants like the Planck’s one laying between the real and the imaginary parts of the Riemann function (I.e when we fix or group the Riemann Zeros one by one and make the real part to be varying.) or the quantum mechanics system. Hence, the Riemann Zeta Zeros give us the discrete quantum constants together with the given discrete quantum constants may give you the wanted Riemann Zeta Zeros. This phenomenon may be explained by Quantum Riemann Zeta Epiphancy. In the present paper, this author tries to fix or group the real part of the Riemann Zeros and make the imaginary part of the Riemann Zeros to be varying from one to the tenth one or resulting a chaos like graph. Thus, it seems that we may interchange a quantum mechanics system with the classical chaos one by just varying one variable and fix another one (such as varying real part of the Riemann function’s zeors from 0.1 to 1 and fix the imaginary part of the Riemann zeros one group after one another). Certainly, the vice versa for the fix of the real part (one group after another) with different Riemann Zeros may also help. In other words, the quantum mechanics system is just the conjugate pair (varying x and fixed y variables) of the classical chaos one or the vice versa is also true (fixed x and varying y variables) & put back into the Zeta functions etc. Hence, it is a method (or transformation) for us so that we may easily to make a interchange between these two systems by only adjusting or selecting which variables to be varying or fixed. Then we may turn the classical chaos system into a quantum mechanics one or the vice versa. This implies that it may be possible to apply controllable quantum systems for the investigation of our natural aspects. Finally, this author have also shown that there is a boundary laying between the prime gap through the elementary calculation and mathematical derivation without using the computer software etc. It is thus a contradiction to the fact that there is no bound for the prime gap. This tells us that there is a need to have a shift from zero to 0.5 for the real part of the Riemann Zeta Zeros

Keywords: boundary, classical chaos one, prime gaps, quantum mechanics system

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