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The Third Additional Regular Movement of the Earth Towards the North Pole and Its Various Effects: We Live On a Small Space Comet (Published)

The idea of research began with a crazy imaginary theory in the field of Astrogeography, saying: We often taught and then convinced the students that the planet Earth is moving despite not feeling the vibrations of traffic, and we listed successive scientific assertions to indicate the rotation of the planet in a regular movement around its axis once every 24 hours. And its running in another second movement around the sun once every 365¼ days, so are they only two movements and nothing more? !.We began to wonder: Is it possible that there is a third movement of our planet, even if we do not feel it? So we started searching on the Internet and we did not find any indication, and we went to artificial intelligence with this inquiry, and the response came completely categorically denying the idea completely, which raised our suspicion, so the question began: Are there evidence and proofs that confirm this? A lot of evidence and scientific introductions indicating the occurrence of something that has no explanation other than the occurrence of a new regular movement of the Earth has been collected. Preliminary scientific estimates about the rate of movement of the Earth, so the laws of dynamics confirmed its actual movement at a regular speed towards the North Pole (at a rate of 1.3 kilometers per second), and monitored the physical, astronomical, geological and vital effects of this movement, and the future consequences and repercussions of this on the planet, among them Changing our understanding of the nature of the work of the solar system, and causing the loss of part of the atmosphere during the movement; To cause the appearance of a tail for the planet, the movement of moving objects towards the North Pole, the gradual convergence of our planet towards the “North Star”, and so on.

Keywords: Earth, north pole small space comet, regular movement

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