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The paper examined causes, effect and abatement measures of flooding in River Ajilosun drainage basin in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. Data were collected on morphometric variables such as channel width and channel depth which were measured with ranging pole and tie rod. Channel efficiency was derived from a mathematical relationship between the channel capacity and the wetted perimeter of the channel. Data on slopes were obtained with abney level. Data were also obtained on distance of buildings to river valley with a tape measure. 150 copies of questionnaire were also administered systematically to landlords of house along River Ajilosun in order to obtain information on experience and effect of flooding in the basin. The study employed both descriptive and inferential statistics to analyze the data. The outcome of the descriptive analysis revealed illegal dumping of refuse in stream channel as the principal cause of flooding in River Ajilosun. Other causes of flooding are the heavy and frequent tropical rainfall in the area. The results of the quantitative analysis showed that the geomorphological variables accounted for about 80% of the total variation in spatial extent of flooding in the drainage basin. The analysis also revealed the number of channel obstructions (+29.6%) as the best predictor of flooding in the drainage basin. Other close predictors are channel slope (8.6%) and channel width (6.3%). Effects of flooding in the basin include erosion of foundation of houses, refuse sedimentation of streets and destruction of riparian vegetation among others. The paper recommends effective floodplain/slope management, provision of adequate waste disposal facilities and implementation of Town Planning Regulations as some of the measures that can be adopted to mitigate flooding in the drainage basin


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