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Geology and Structure of the Precambrian Rocks in Iworoko, Are and Afao Area, Southwestern Nigeria


Geologic mapping of the study area revealed three dominant lithologic units namely: bandedgneiss, migmatite-gneiss and granite-gneiss respectively. Systematic structural mapping and study of the area also confirmed the preponderance of different types of folded structures such as ptygmatic, recumbent, disharmonic and asymmetrical folds which trend E-W to NNW-EES. Other structures such as dykes, joints, quartz-veins, fractures and micro faults were also detected on the rocks. The overall results showed that the study area is a manifestation of Precambrian deformation as revealed by the magnitude and style of folding which is an indication of different episodes of deformation on the rocks in the area.

Keywords: Afao, Are, Deformation, Lithologies, Lworoko, Structures

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