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Correlates of Acoustic and Visual Comforts in Selected Lecture Theaters in Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria (Published)

The challenge of having good acoustics and visual comfort in lecture theatres was explored in the study. The aim was to evaluate the visual and acoustic comfort levels of users in lecture theatres with a view to establishing their significance in future designs. The study selected seven (7) lecture theatres representing 58.33% out of a total of 12 in Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomoso as the sample size using simple random sampling techniques. Capacity of each lecture theatres were determined and questionnaires were randomly administered on 4% of the total Users in each. The questionnaire was to determine the hearing audibility levels, visual clarity levels and general comfort/satisfaction levels of users at periods they were receiving lectures. A total of 248 questionnaires were administered. Sources of noise in the lecture theatres were also determined through questionnaire administration. Data were descriptively and inferentially analysed. The study found furniture movements as the major source of noise in the lecture theaters studied. Also, it was realized that there was a significant correlation between users’ satisfaction levels and each of visual clarity and hearing audibility (acoustic comfort) despite that users indicated that it was possible for them to hear speaker’s speeches without seeing the board; It was hence suggested that determinant factors of these two criteria such as shape of buildings, sizes/volume and sources of noise should be critically put into consideration at design inception stages. Other recommendations that could foster appropriate synergy between acoustic and visual comforts in Lecture Theatres were given.

Keywords: acoustic comfort, hearing audibility, lecture theatre, user’s satisfaction., vision clarity

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