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Solid-state fermentation


Statistically-based experimental designs were applied to optimize a solid-state fermentation for the production of l-asparaginase by a novel bacterial strain of Stenotrophomonas spFZ . Eleven culture conditions were examined for their significance on enzyme production andusing Plackett–Burman factorial design. Casein hydrolysate and magnesium sulphate were the most significant factors improving enzyme production. Maximal enzyme activity (21.23 IU) has been detected under the following conditions: Glucose, 20; Asparagine, 0; Casein 30; KCl; 0.04;NH 4SO4, 10; NaNO3,10; ZnSO4,0.36;FeSO4, 0,36; Urea,30; Maltose, 10 and MgSO4, 0.18g/l.which is more than tree folds the activity in basal medium. A verification experiment was carried out to examine model validation and revealed more than 99% validity.

Keywords: L-asparaginaseproductioN, Solid-state fermentation, Statistically-basedexperiments

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