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Effect of Processing Methods on the Functional Properties of Cocoyam Flour (Published)

Cocoyam tubers were processed using two different sizes which are slice and chip. Two different processing methods were also carried out that soaking for eighteen (18) hours and non-soaking. The cocoyam was chipped using NCAM chipping machine and NCAM peeling tools was used slice the tubers for sliced cocoyam. The cocoyam slice and chip was both dried using NCAM Cabinet dryer and milled. Analysis was carried out on the milled production to know the effect of the processing methods (soaked for 18 hours, soaked, chipped and sliced) on the functional properties of the flour. The results obtained for water absorption capacity for samples A-D are 0.83, 0.63, 0.72 and 0.71, Foaming capacity are  9.62, 13.46, 15.38 and 11.54,  Viscosity are 1.802, 1.41, 1.52 and 1.57, Bulk density are  0.7, 0.67, 0.69 and 0.72, and Gelatinization temperature are 81.5, 82.2, 83.2 and 84.7oC. The result shows that sample C has the highest Foaming capacity and viscosity, while sample A has the highest Water absorption capacity and sample D has the highest Bulk density and gelatinization temperature.

Keywords: Chipped, Functional property, Processing Methods, Sliced

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