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Identification of Enterobacter spp. by 16SrRNAgene sequencing in Basrah province/Iraq (Published)

Eighty four of Enterobacter spp. were isolated from different specimens(Clinical,environmental ,food)from basrah hospitals that they were identified by traditional characteristics and Vitek 2 compact system were subjected to 16SrDNA sequencing using  universal primer after extracted genomic DNA by ExiPrepTM16 fully automated nucleic acid extraction  system(Bioneer),where as a single discrete PCR amplicon band of 1500bp of 16SrDNA was gave by all isolates on agarose gel .The isolates showed different similarity levels (97-100%) when compared with reference strains sequences in Genbank,where as this results indicated the isolates belong to different species for two genera((Enterobacter ,Cronobacter),whereas one species belong to Cronobacter (C.sakazakii),seven species belong to Enterobacter (E.cloacae ,E.xiangfangensis ,E.ludwigii ,E.aerogenes ,E.cancerogenus,E.hormaechei,E. asburiae) .phylogenetic tree wasdistributed to 15 clusters when it was constructed by neighbor-joining method and some clusters contained species appeared closely related to each other and other clusters contained one species.

Keywords: 16srRNA, Enterobacter spp., Phylogenetic tree

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