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Check dams;

Reducing the Impact of Check Dams on the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Flood (Published)

In this paper, the effects of the proposed and the built check dams, located in different streams of the study area, were studied in order to assess their impact on flood mitigation. For the purpose of assessment and comparison between the effect of check dams on flood reduction, in the proposed and the built works, the morphometric and edaphic characteristics of the study area should be primarily collected, including the slope, infiltration rate, land use, and flow accumulation map. These data will create the base map, which shows the flood potential. In the next step, by adding the impact of the proposed and the built check dams in the base map, a final map will be achieved, which reflect the impacts of check dams on the flood zoning of the study area (gonbadchi). The perceived findings were compared with the built works. Overall, it was comprehended that the impact of the proposed and the built dams is low, which has been caused by the low number and the distribution of check dams.

Keywords: Check dams;, Flood mitigation, Morphometric

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