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Climate Change Dynamics Versus Human Biodiversity Responses in a Rainfall Upland Area (Published)

The study has explored statistical and time series techniques that are used in the analysis of the data on conditional and specified activities of the atmosphere, ambient and sensible activities in Ado Ekiti, South West Nigeria. The plots of the atmospheric-ambient temperatures against sequential time series reveals an uneven pattern in temperature exponents or changes over the period covered, with behavioral trends with high relative wind speed resulting in most precipitations. It is visualized from the results that the ambient indices are with deviance of about  compared to atmospheric data. Observations also shown from our comparisons that with atmospheric temperatures at about , saturated cloud resulting in precipitations were visible. Results show that, minus the tropical average atmospheric temperature which is , maximum temperature determining features for precipitations are about  and  in May and June respectively, prevalent for specified days under study. Rarely on clear air days with about , possible precipitation were stratified or widespread when maximum temperature reaching about   and   justifying human biodiversity activities in the area of study.


Keywords: climate change dynamics, humidity controlled air temperature, physiological stress, thermal sensitivity

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