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Sustainable Development

Vocational and Technical Education: A Functional Education for Sustainable Development in a Global Turbulent Era (Published)

Vocational and technical education is a programme that prepares occupational fields for effective participation in the world of work for promoting environmentally sound, sustainable development and for alleviating poverty. This study examines the concept of vocational and technical education (VTE), the principles of functional education, and areas/branches of VTE. The study also look into various ways in which vocational and technical education is a functional education which will be a way out at this turbulent period. Recommendations are given that there must be a continuous review of the curricula and high caliber teachers and qualified lecturers must be employed, the educators should be encouraged and allowed to go for in-service training and upgrading themselves academically and be acquainted with the latest technology development. Non-governmental organizations, and local communities should be called upon to support the government and school authority in funding the programme.

Keywords: Sustainable Development, Vocational and Technical Education., functional education

Partnerships for Knowledge Production: A Panacea for Skills Acquisition for Sustainable Development through Vocational Education in Nigeria (Published)

This paper focused on partnerships for knowledge production as a panacea for skills acquisition for sustainable development through Vocational Education in Nigeria. Although the government of Nigeria is emphasizing Entrepreneurial Education to promote skills acquisition for economic growth, the government has failed to match it plans with concrete actions by way of financial support and provision of facilities to enhance proper preparation of the learners for skills acquisition at graduation. Skill acquisition is the sole aim of Vocational Education. A survey of some programmes in the Universities has shown that this programme (Vocational Education) is organized without practicals due to lack of facilities such as workshops and laboratories with modern equipments. Students who offer computer education in most cases are not exposed to practical experience. This is applicable to other areas of Vocational Education as well. This paper highlighted other challenges such as lack of implementation of research results in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), lack of students exchange and linkage programmes in some Universities. Finally, among other recommendations, the paper raised the need for Federal and State governments to allocate a substantial amount of funds in their yearly budgets for proper implementation of Vocational Education programme in Nigeria.

Keywords: Nigeria, Skills Acquisition, Sustainable Development, Vocational education, knowledge production, partnerships

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