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Reform and Practice of the Dual Drive Talent Training Model of School Enterprise Collaboration and Subject Contest Innovation Education in Local Universities (Published)

With the continuous development of modern equipment manufacturing industry, the integration of industry and education through school enterprise collaboration has become an important way to improve the quality of teaching and talent cultivation in universities. In the training of mechanical professionals in local universities, based on the perspective of industry education integration, deep school enterprise collaboration, combined with mechanical subject competitions to supplement theoretical knowledge learning, can construct new formats for the teaching of this major and create a high-quality professional learning environment for students. The dual drive talent cultivation model of School Enterprise Collaboration and Subject Contest Innovation Education in local universities can solve many problems in the development process of local universities, such as insufficient dual teacher teachers, lagging practical training facilities, and disconnection between curriculum construction and industry demand. This article analyzes the current situation of talent cultivation and professional teaching in mechanical majors in universities, and proposes new strategies such as innovative industry education integration models, joint construction of teaching resources by schools and enterprises, optimization of practical training conditions by schools and enterprises, strengthening of teaching teams, and enhancing the comprehensive quality of students. It is hoped that this can help to build an efficient new pattern of industry education integration for local mechanical majors in universities, and cultivate high-quality, high-level, and high-quality talents.


Keywords: local universities, mechanical major, school enterprise collaboration, subject contest innovation education

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