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Proactiveness and Competitive Aggressiveness as a Predictor on Entrepreneurial Intention among Female Undergraduates in Northwest Nigeria Federal Universities (Published)

In the dynamic entrepreneurial environment of Northwest Nigeria, understanding the catalysts of entrepreneurial intentions among female undergraduates is paramount. This study examines the influence of proactiveness and competitive aggressiveness on Entrepreneurial Intentions among female undergraduates in Federal Universities. Anchored on the Entrepreneurial Orientation Theory, which accentuates proactiveness and competitive aggressiveness, a cross-sectional survey targeting final-year female students was employed. Multiple regression analysis was used to test the research hypotheses. Findings spotlights proactiveness as a potent influencer of entrepreneurial intentions, underscoring the imperative of integrating proactiveness training in academic curricula. Conversely, competitive aggressiveness did not exhibit a significant association with entrepreneurial intentions, suggesting the interplay of other predominant factors. The study concludes that fostering proactive traits in academic settings can sculpt future entrepreneurial trailblazers, while emphasizing the balance between competitiveness and collaboration. Hence, it is recommended that Federal Universities in Northwest Nigeria infuse proactiveness-driven modules to amplify entrepreneurial zeal among female undergraduates.

Keywords: Collaboration, Entrepreneurial Intentions, competitive aggressiveness, orientation, proactiveness

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