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Factors Affecting B2C Buyers Behaviour of E-commerce Industry in the Context of Bangladesh (Published)

E-Commerce is rapidly growing as an impressive manifestation of globalization. The rapid expansion of e-commerce is a major opportunity for local and international trade in Bangladesh. The amount of trade conducted electronically has grown dramatically with the penetration of smart phones and internet among all segments of population in Bangladesh. Consumers prefer to shop online for various reasons such as saving time, better prices, convenience, higher selection options, and availability of products & services. Thus the businesses are required to understand the consumers’ expectations, attitudes, and behaviour across the globe. Among the e-commerce variety, B2C (Business to Consumer) model is the most prominent. The purpose of this study is to examine the factors which affect consumers buying behaviour. The study addresses the cultural differences, risk perceptions, and attitude by investigating Bangladeshi people about using B2C e-commerce sites, by analysing content of website, privacy and security, ethics in website, and motivation as an independent variable. The data is collected through online survey with 130 participants (119 usable), with the criteria that they purchase or order some product or service in online web sites in Bangladesh. The results show that B2C websites somewhat reflects the cultural impact that surrounds the consumer decision making. Individuals are also concerned with the data privacy and security. The paper also discusses some critical factors needed to successfully run an e-commerce start-up.

Keywords: B2C, Buying Behaviour, E-Commerce, Start-Up

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