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Exploring Funds: A Mitigation towards Sustaining the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme (Published)

The amnesty programme in the Niger Delta is expected to improve the human capital development of the region and the country, which is presently low. Hence, the study investigated exploring funding mitigation for sustaining the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme. The study critically examined the role of private sector funding to the amnesty programme. The study was anchored on public-private partnership theory with the assertion that a philosophical approach to actualizing infrastructure services by leveraging private capital, know-how, and effectiveness while merging the advantages of the public and private sectors. The study adopted a qualitative approach for data collection. An in-depth interview (IDI) was used for data collection. The populations of the study were ex-militants in the Niger Delta state. The sample size is 15 ex-militants in the Niger Delta who have benefited from the amnesty programme. The IDI questions were structured in line with the two research questions. The findings revealed that private sector funding of the Niger Delta amnesty programmeme in the region would lead to continuity of the programmeme’s burden of funding on the part of the federal and various states. It concluded that there is a need for the federal and state governments to seek funding from the private sector in areas of manpower training and reintegration of trained ex-militants into the world of work with appropriate functional skills. It was recommended that the government sensitise the public and private sector companies, in particular, to the need for support through funding in terms of financial or material goods that will help enhance the programme.

Keywords: Amnesty Programme, Funding, Niger-Delta, exploring

Fatal Attraction: Social Isolation Intensifying Kidnapping in the Niger Delta Region (Published)

Kidnapping in the Niger Delta has become a social phenomenon which is now increasingly common in its operations. The lucrative and mesological nature of the crime has made it a copycat form of criminality, with a proliferation of an anticipatory socialization process. However, economic inequality depicts that Individuals are easily cajoled to copy the criminal act, because it is a cheap avenue to survive without having to commit murder. This paper sheds light on kidnapping by untangling the gripping issues with atrocious accounts in the Niger Delta region, as factors fostering the strife and ascendancy of kidnapping in the region. This paper used academic literature as a tool for historical revionism to expose the deprived state of the Niger Delta region, which underscores with the intention of kidnapping being eradicable in nature. However, some points were shared as recommendations for clamping down the skyrocketing operations of kidnapping in the Niger Delta region.    

Keywords: Militancy, Niger-Delta, crude oil, kidnapping

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