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Academic Achievement

Mastery Learning Approach versus Constructivist-Based Learning Approach on Senior Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement in Biology (Published)

This study as a comparative study, investigated the impact of two learning approaches, mastery learning approach and constructivist-based learning approach on senior secondary school students’ academic achievement in biology. The population of the study comprised of the 2016/2017 academic session of the senior secondary school biology students of Hallmark Academy Secondary School, Omoku, Rivers State. An intact class of 58 students in two streams (A/B) made up the sample size. Stream A had twenty eight (28) students who were taught using Mastery learning Approach, while stream B had thirty (30) students who were taught using Constructivist-Based Learning Approach. The instrument was a post 20-item test with a reliability coefficient of 0.66 gotten using test re-test, which was administered to the two groups. T-test statistics was the analytical tool used in testing the two hypotheses of this study. The study revealed that students taught using Mastery learning approach had higher academic achievements than those taught using constructivist-based learning approach. Consequently, it is recommended that Mastery Learning Approach should be encouraged in schools for mastery of subject contents and improved students’ achievement in science subjects especially in biology.

Keywords: Academic Achievement, Constructivist-Based, Learning Approach, Mastery

Infographics and Its Effects on Pre-Service Teachers’ Academic Achievement and Attitude towards Media System (Published)

Media system is a very all-embracing and all-inclusive course and as such very lucrative. It’s a course that comprises Educational Technology, Instructional Technology, Instructional System Design and their Models e.t.c. Using varieties of strategies in the teaching and learning of this course can improve learners understanding, engagement and hands-on and also facilitates learning. Therefore, in Media system, some instructional strategies should be brought to the classroom which one of them is infographics. The delimitation of this study is infographics and their effect on pre-service teachers’ academic achievement and attitude in Media system. The study is important as it can facilitate learning, contribute to design of new instructions to be used in the classrooms. The design for the study was quasi-experimental design. Solomon Four Group Design was also used. The result shows that the use of infographics increases the pre-service teachers’ academic achievement and their attitude levels. More so, infographics provide the facilitators with variety of ideas in selecting, constructing and using varieties of instructional strategies. Infographics cut across all level of learning and should be recommended for effective and efficient delivery of instructions.

Keywords: Academic Achievement, Attitude Level, Infographic, Media System, Pre-Service Teachers

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