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Pregnancy Outcomes of Women With Hypertensive Disease in Lagos State, Nigeria (Published)

This study investigates the differences in pregnancy outcomes among women with hypertensive disease in pregnancy, with and without mental health disorders, in Lagos State, Nigeria. Utilizing a longitudinal research design, data was collected from pregnant women in their 20-24 weeks of gestation through delivery and postpartum. The sample size of 300 was determined using the Cochran formula, with participants selected from six maternal and child health centers across three senatorial districts. A validated questionnaire comprising fifteen questions assessed pregnancy outcomes, and statistical analyses included descriptive and inferential statistics. Results revealed no significant associations between mental health status and gestational age, mode of delivery, duration of labor, or delivery period. Apgar scores at 1 and 5 minutes also showed no significant association with mental health status. However, a notable association was found between mental health status and birth weight, indicating a higher prevalence of low-birth-weight infants among women with mental health disorders. Other factors, including estimated blood loss, postpartum packed cell volume, blood transfusion, duration of hospital admission, and NICU admission, showed no significant associations with mental health status. In conclusion, birth weight is significantly associated with the mental status of pregnant women with hypertensive disease, while other factors appear to have negligible impact. Recommendations include routine mental health assessments, early detection, and intervention for better maternal mental health outcomes. Midwives are advised to implement early monitoring of fetal growth, emphasizing closer prenatal care and nutritional counseling to reduce the risk of mental health disorders in pregnant women.


Keywords: hypertensive disease, mental health disorder, pregnancy outcomes, pregnant woman

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