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Effect of Intravenous Tranxenamic Acid On Incidence of Postpartum Haemorrhage Among Parturients in Ekiti State (Published)

Post-partum haemorrhage (PPH) contributes to approximately 25% of maternal death globally. Tranexamic acid (TXA) has been confirmed to be effective in reducing post-partum blood loss, thereby preventing PPH and its possible sequelae. This clinical controlled trial compared the efficacy of a single dose of 0.5g of intravenous TXA to a single dose of 1g of intravenous TXA in prevention of primary PPH among high-risk parturient women in a teaching hospital. A total of 308 women served as the study sample; 154 women were randomly selected to be administered with 0.5g of tranexamic acid (study group), while the remaining 154 respondents were administered with 1g of tranexamic acid (control group). Post-partum blood loss was monitored immediately. All results were recorded in a proforma. Data were coded and entered into Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23. Continuous variables were presented as mean ± Standard deviation while categorical data such as frequency tables and percentages. Student’s t-test was used as appropriate for statistical significance. Results were considered statistically significant when P< 0.05. The mean blood loss of 475.79ml was higher in the study group compared to the mean blood loss of 430.18ml in the control group, this was statistically significant, (t=2.401, p<0.05). In conclusion, the 1g of tranexamic acid is more effective in the prevention of PPH compared to the 0.5g of tranexamic acid. It was recommended that 0.5g of tranexamic can be administered in the face of challenges at obtaining the standard 1g doses of tranexamic acid. However, the 1g standard dose of tranexamic acid is still the recommended dose especially for high-risk patients

Keywords: High-Risk, Parturients, Post-partum Haemorrhage, Tranexamic Acid (different doses)

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